Mayor slips into a fake news mode with the 'absolutely not' remark

By Pepper Parr

May 23, 2023



Mayor Marianne Meed Ward says there will “absolutely not be a City of Halton.”

That is what is called “fake news”.

The Mayor knows full well that the provincial government can do whatever they want with how a municipality is governed.
Doug Ford revised the makeup of Toronto during an election

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward – More pensive thought is needed at this stage of the city’s evolution.

She told BurlingtonToday that Burlington council has agreed to support an assessment of Halton Region and be an active participant in that process, after passing a motion at its May 16 meeting.

“Everything else is on the table,” she said, adding things like transit could be uploaded to the Region and other things downloaded, “but it must deliver better service for better value.”
City Council will find a way to work out the differences with the province – but words like “absolutely not” are just not acceptable.

For a woman who regularly makes mention of her experience is as a journalist she should know better. Meed Ward was never a news reporter: she was the editor of a magazine and a columnist and she studied journalism.

During the really very difficult times we are going through, and will probably be tied up with through to the end of this term of office, the city needs some level headed thinking and getting very bold and creative is as they work their way through the revision of the Strategic Plan

Thinking hard as well about what community engagement should be and could be if the right people were in place is long overdue.

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3 comments to Mayor slips into a fake news mode with the ‘absolutely not’ remark

  • Joe Gaetan

    I like Nassagaweya (meaning “a river with two outlets.” A hilly region with abundant limestone and with its arable lands”, also my mothers birth place.

  • Right on Joe defnitely not City of Halton we like sound of City of Port Nelson but sure there would be numerous other suggestions. Publisher spot on MMW has no right or credibility in making such a statement. She should never say never as it is often responded to with ‘Just watch us!’

  • Joe Gaetan

    There may not be a “City of Halton” but that does not preclude the amalgamation of Oakvile, Milton and Burlington. On paper we would have 1 versus 3, Mayors, City Mannagers, Clerks, Dept Heads etc. Hespler, Galt and Preston still exist in the minds of many of its inhabitants under the moniker Cambridge. If it comes to pass please call the new city, Lakeside. Or anyhting that does not end in “ton”.