Mayor will have her moment later today when she lets Council know if she is prepared to relinquish any of her Strong Mayor powers

By Pepper Parr

March 26th, 2024



The Special meeting of City Council will be called to order with Mayor Meed Ward chairing.

The four people delegating will be given five minutes to speak.  Expect some of the Councillors to ask questions of the delegators.

The Motion asking the Mayor to relinquish some of the Strong Mayor powers will be read into the record.

Council members will each take their turn about how vital democracy is and that what the Mayor is doing is not democratic.

Deborah (surname withheld) wrote to the Mayor, Councillors and City Manager:

Having listened to discussions surrounding the issue of Big Mayor Powers in Burlington, and specifically the motion tabled in yesterday’s council meeting,
please accept this email as notice that i do not, nor have I ever, agreed with Mayor Meed Ward taking on the Big Mayor Powers, which were optional from the
beginning. I support a vote by Council as soon as possible to rescind these powers on the basis that they are wholly and completely undemocratic.
Also, as this email shows, constituents have not ceased contacting or communicating our concerns, as the Mayor has said.

As to Councillor Sharman’s statement that he wants to delay this motion “to encourage the community to come and speak to us”, I take great issue. Many,
many delegates including myself have had the distinct reaction from council, and Motion Improving Local Democracy by Strengthening
City Decision-Making especially of certain Councillors, of not hearing their delegation or engaging whatsoever, rather appearing to be bored by them, resulting in the notion that there’s no point to delegating any more. Which does not mean we are not engaged and aware of the issues.

As noted by councillor Nisan, “this motion was given the standard notice required for council motions, and met the deadline that was set by the clerk for being received at counsel.”

Another resident wrote: Meed Ward is reported to have said; “I never asked for Stong Mayor powers, nor do I need them. That is my strongest message

Once all the delegations are heard and the members of Council have had their five minutes the Mayor speaks.

There are those that think she won’t budge an inch.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward in her city hall office.

Mayor Meed Ward fought to keep the Motion off the Agenda at the last Council meeting on Thursday; she also fought against a Special meeting of Council as well – lost on both occasions.

She might however relinquish some of the power the province gave her – throw them a bone to shut them up sort of thing.

This game is all in the Mayor’s hands.  The City Solicitor made it clear in his memorandum that the Mayor can do whatever she likes.

Is there anything on record from someone who supports the position the Mayor has taken – other than Councillor Sharman?

There is a phrase the describes what it really happening:  Power reveals.


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