McKenna gets shuffled

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June 19th, 2021



McKenna flu shotBurlington MPP Jane McKenna gets a shuffle – she is now the Associate Minister of Children and Women’s Issues.

Previously McKenna was the Associate Minister for Labour.



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10 comments to McKenna gets shuffled

  • Diane Knox

    Looks a bit like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic and meanwhile the Merry ‘Band’ played on -same old tunes.
    .I’d like to see some Proven Experts in the field loading the Lifeboats.. More to do Captain Ford

  • Penny Hersh

    Blair, Thank you for correcting me. I certainly wouldn’t want to get anyone’s title wrong.

    Titles, mean absolutely nothing to me. It’s action and results that count. Does the “Peter Principle” come to mind?

    My motto when it comes to politicians is expect nothing that way one cannot be disappointed.

    The aim of the politician is to be reelected. Cynical, perhaps, but it works for me.

    • Blair Smith

      Good one Penny – lol. Generally, I agree with your synopsis. However, in the world of provincial politics, titles are actually somewhat important since they suggest the level of trust and control placed in an individual by the government of the day. That said, I expect vey little from Ms. McKenna and have never been disappointed. May she be roosted (rousted?) next June.

  • Tom Muir

    What Ms. McKenna is supposed to do as Associate Minister is to advocate for Children and advocate for Women. This advocacy needs to be transparent and in the public eye. I would like to see some independence as well.

    However, from my observation of her performance regarding COVID, I don’t have much confidence that she is capable of this. All I saw her do was parrot the Ford party line that led to 3 waves, more than 8000 deaths, and failure to fix eldercare despite the waves of COVID telling her government that something radical needed doing.

    We are still waiting. The thought police are really in charge it seems.

    What I think she needs to do is get all children that can be vaccinated, vaccinated, and do not exclude them from the population count Ford is using to set biased criteria for reopening stages.

    This will contribute to preventing a 4th Wave, and to the goal of opening schools for indoor teaching this coming September. This is a very big Issue for children and women, now her responsibility.

    The vaccinations are on a roll now, so Madame Assistant Minister McKenna get on with the leadership needed to use what are a miracles of creation vaccines to full effect.

    • Bob

      “ The vaccinations are on a roll now, so Madame Assistant Minister McKenna get on with the leadership needed to use what are a miracles of creation vaccines to full effect.”

      What does that even mean? You yourself have said her new position is to advocate for women and children. Christine Elliot is in charge of health. As as to the Ford line that caused 3 waves and your fear of a fourth, please tell me that you’re not blaming Ford for Alberta’s, Quebec’s, Europe or anywhere else’s third wave? In fact I think it’d be much easier if you tried to find me a place that hasn’t had a third wave. As to the problems with elder care, although the proverbial stuff hit the fan during Fords reign, the problems have existed for well on 40+ years and through provincial governments of all affiliation. Liberal, NDP and Conservative have all had the same problem. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • Penny Hersh

    Jane will be the assistant minister to Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, who was formerly the Minister of Long Term Care ( over 4,000 people died during Covid). Dr. Fullerton was quoted as saying “She didn’t start the fire”, when questioned about the conditions of Long Term Care Homes in Ontario.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • Blair Smith

      Penny – not to split hairs, Ms. McKenna will be the Associate Minister not the Assistant and she will “report” to Dr. Fullerton who will have responsibility for Ontario’s social service ministry. It’s hardly a demotion for Dr. Fullerton, as some have claimed, since she will direct the operations of things such as the Family Responsibility Office, Social Assistance and the Children’s Aid Societies. Within this portfolio, I understand that Ms. McKenna, or Jane as you prefer, will have a particular focus on Woman’s Issues and Chickens. Or was that Children? It’s all so confusing sometimes.

  • perryb

    Associate Ministers play an important role. They are convenient fall guys if a real minister screws up.

  • Sharon

    June 2, 2022 she’ll get shuffled out!

  • Blair Smith

    I believe that Ms. McKenna was previously the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour not the Associate Minister. Accordingly, this should be viewed as a promotion of sorts.

    I append a short video of congratulations.