Meed Ward will run again - does that mean Jane McKenna gets to be Regional Chair?

By Pepper Parr

April 11th, 2022



Marianne Meed Ward filing nomination papers while hubby captures the moment. The rules that will be enforced this election would not permit anything like this.

For those who thought Mayor Marianne Meed Ward might decide to run for the office of Regional Chair and take on Jane McKenna directly – we have to dash your hopes.

While she has not yet filed her nomination papers – no one can file until early May – Meed Ward has created a campaign committee. They met recently at the Legion with some people taking part via Zoom.

Our source points out that no money spent – it was just a meeting that included about 30 + people.

No names from us at this point – several were a surprise. There does not appear to be anyone from her first campaign.

Some bruised egos  for sure.

More in the fullness of time.

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7 comments to Meed Ward will run again – does that mean Jane McKenna gets to be Regional Chair?

  • Alfred


    Sincere apologies. I did not realize we were allies and on the same team. My mistake. That I guess leaves Bruce to enlighten us. Good luck.

  • Alfred

    Bruce Leigh.

    Actually, I asked so that you can enlighten the rest of the citizens of Burlington on her achievements as Mayor.

    I feel she has done very little and created a lot of caos. But pretend I’m not here and you are speaking to the rest of the citizens of Burlington and tell them of her accomplishments. Now you can speak freely to the 200,000 citizens of this City with no comment from me. Hopefully someone else will engage you in a meaningful debate.

    Now you have no more excuses Bruce and Sharon the floor is yours.

  • Alfred


    If you will. Please enlighten us on the stellar achievements of Mayor Meed Ward while Mayor of Burlington. What did she do for the City?

    • Bruce Leigh

      Alfred, if Sharon or anyone else was to go through MMW’s (and Council’s) achievements over the past three and a half years, you would just deny each one as being an achievement. Your opinions and positions expressed through the Gazette’s comment section show you to be intransigently opposed to the Mayor to a point where debate is pointless.

    • Sharon

      I can’t think of any accomplishments that Meed Ward did for Burlington. Didn’t vote for her 4 yrs ago won’t be voting for her this time!

  • Steve Hughes

    How is it that Jane McKenna thinks that she is qualified for this position. Is there not a minimum education requirement. The women isn’t even a high school graduate.

  • Sharon

    Lucky us!!
    Hopefully there will be some competition.
    Jane McKenna did nothing for Burlington as MPP, can’t imagine what she would do as Regional Chair.