MGA points to the real issue for the Millcroft community

By Staff

November 27th, 2023



The Millcroft community seems to be split on just how their case should be presented to the Ontario Land Tribunal hearing scheduled for March 5th, 2024.  Between now and then there has been and will be on November 24 – Exchange of witness statements, summoned witness outlines, expert reports.
December 15 – Exchange of response to witness statements.

The March hearing is expected to last 9 days.

The two community groups have come to realize that they each see the issues through different lenses and despite repeated efforts have not managed to agree to take part in the Tribunal hearing is as a single entity.

The infrastructure that keep the storm water flowing to safe places will be disrupted if the proposed development takes place.

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance (MGA) points out that in order to speak to the issue, a technical expert must represent the case. MGA is arguing that they are the only group that has identified the potential flood risk the proposed development poses to existing homes both in Millcroft and south Burlington.

They are working with a storm water expert to present our case.

MAD, Millcroft Against Development wants a stop put to any development in the community.

There is a lot riding on this.  Some people are hoping that the Mayor’s attempt to convince the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to issue a MZO (Municipal Zoning Order) that at the stroke of a pen would shut down any development; so fat there the Mayor hasn’t heard from the Minister.


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1 comment to MGA points to the real issue for the Millcroft community

  • Wendy Fletcher

    I’m wondering if anyone can explain to me why the mayor is going to bat on this and yet not a single person from council has even acknowledged my petition which has 3,115 names on it. Other than try to keep it from being read into the record, it’s been ignored completely.

    Is there an avenue I can take?