Millcroft Greenspace Alliance begins its fund raising drive

By Staff

March 26th, 2023



Millcroft Greenspace Alliance will hold its second community meeting on Monday May 8, 2023 at 7pm at Grace United Church (Millcroft Park Drive and Walkers Line).

As part of our commitment to transparency and community engagement, we look forward to bringing our neighbours together to:

Recap the success our community achieved from the September meeting
Learn about MGA’s ongoing initiatives to preserve the Millcroft Greenspace
Discover how you can get involved in saving the Millcroft Greenspace
Provide an overview of key dates of the OLT process leading up to the hearing
Connect with neighbours and friends!

The infrastructure which should not be disturbed drains away water from heavy rain

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance has formed a partnership with Small Change Fund, a registered charity. Your tax-deductible contributions to our project will allow Millcroft Greenspace Alliance to hire an experienced lawyer, and subsequently technical experts to argue our case against development on the Millcroft floodplain. Our need is urgent the professional talent is needed before the OLT meeting. Please click below to donate today!

Click HERE to donate – Tax receipt provided

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3 comments to Millcroft Greenspace Alliance begins its fund raising drive

  • Alfred


    A copy of these purchase agreements would go a long way as to the Millcroft homeowners credibility. Spoke with a high school friend who now lives on the golf course. He confirmed that these owners in Millcroft are trying to invent any excuse. With the intent of stopping or delaying development of the golf course, which they knew the owners have a legal right to. Is this excuse of the property to be developed being a flood plain a fantasy created by the anti-development crowd in Millcroft. More importantly who is paying the legal bills that the City is incurring to fight this issue? The taxpayers in other neighborhoods? The truth will come out in due course. We have the Mayor on record as claiming the golf course is a flood plain. Do they play golf there wearing chest wadders???

  • Marie A.

    Go look at your purchase agreements folks – and stop acting as the aggrieved parties. Such Entitlement!