Millcroft Greenspace Alliance documented as an early example of green infrastructure for stormwater management

By Staff

March 15th, 2023



Millcroft Greenspace Alliance (MGA) recently attended a series of seminars focused on Reaching Canada’s Protected Areas Target – The Role of Municipalities. The purpose of this initiative is to combat the effects of climate change and biodiversity loss.

MGA makes the point that “We are all observing the increasing impacts of climate change. The protection of our greenspace within the urban boundaries is critical for greenhouse gas mitigation, stormwater management, erosion control and to reduce the impact of urban heat islands among other benefits.

The Millcroft Golf Course property is documented to be an early example of green infrastructure for stormwater management including its significant mature tree canopy.

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance sent the information along to the City of Burlington highlighting the importance of protecting the stormwater infrastructure on the golf course.

They have the tools to accomplish the conservation of this land and we recommend that you join with us to show your encouragement.

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