Millcroft Greenspace Alliance had an impact at the OLT hearing

By Pepper Parr

March 25th, 2024



It is difficult for people to have an impact at an Ontario Land Tribunal hearing.

Getting status means raising a lot of money to hire the expert witnesses.

The current Millcroft community hearing on the golf course properties is underway. Last week  the City’s position on stormwater was heard.

Adding 98 homes to this community means making changes to the storm water infrastructure – no one is certain as to what the impact will be.

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance had emailed the Mayor in December 2023 expressing their concerns about the City’s position to be presented at the hearing.

The two issues that MGA encouraged the City to add to their case: the original design of the golf course for storm water mitigation purposes and the sensitive nature of the golf course lands that was evidenced during the 2014 flood, have been presented.

This information is important background that we believe the Tribunal needed to hear, said Daintry Klein, part of the MGA group.

The City’s water resource engineer also spoke to the fact that the City, and not Conservation Halton (CH) is required to respond to flooding issues.

MGA has been pressing the city to emphasize that decisions regarding the golf course lands were indicated in OPA 117 to be shared between CH and the City.

Mr. Malik, the City’s storm water engineer  confirmed for the Tribunal that the City, not Conservation Halton, provides flood response.

The people at MGA are continuing to play an important role in this hearing.

There are three groups involved in the hearing: Millcroft Against Development, Millcroft Greenspace Alliance and Millcroft Greens, the developer


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