Millcroft residents want Mayor to recall Council and pass a resolution standing behind the needs of the community

By Pepper Parr

September 28th, 2022



Why was Rick Greenspoon, candidate for the ward 6 council seat left standing outside the location of the Millcroft Greenspace Alliance (MGA) yesterday having been told that politicians were not permitted to attend the meeting.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte made unexpected arrivals and no one was prepared to uninvite the two of them.
Greenspoon didn’t make it past the door; he was left standing outside holding up his campaign sign.

Daintry Klein, the person heading up the meeting, said she didn’t see the Mayor until she had started the meeting.

More than 120 people attended the meeting with 15 questions – what is happening now and what are we going to do next.

It was a community built around a golf course – seen as very progressive in the 1990’s.

Millcroft Greens is a joint-venture partnership between Argo Development Corporation and Millcroft Golf Club.

The development is currently before the Ontario Land Tribunal with a Case Management session scheduled for November 7th

Klein, an original owner in the Millcroft community, has become a staunch supporter of planting more trees and doing what has to be done to end the rate at which the climate is changing.

Millcroft Greens, notified some residents and the City of their intention to submit an application to develop a portion of Millcroft Golf Club in February of 2019 and their application was accepted by the City in December 2020.

The City of Burlington has neither approved nor declined the application.

Millcroft Greens appealed to the Province of Ontario Land Tribunal for a hearing to approve their applications.

MGA is not confident the city could successfully defend the application at OLT – 97% of cases are decided in favour of developers and the City of Burlington has not successfully defended an application during this term of Council.

Through significant research and numerous meetings with experts and the Province, MGA believes that the City of Burlington should pass a resolution. Potential wording could be:

Proposed City Resolution

The City of Burlington resolves to protect the Millcroft Golf Course property greenspace and its zoning of Major Parks/Open Space. We commit to working with the Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada and community groups to protect this mature tree canopy and green stormwater infrastructure consistent with our Climate Policies.

In order to pass such a resolution the Mayor would have to call a Special Meeting of Council – there aren’t any council meetings until the election has taken place. Klein’s response to that is to “let the Mayor have at it.

As the municipal election approaches (October 24), candidates will be looking for taxpayer and resident support. Our existing Council has the opportunity to prove their support for our community by passing a resolution.

Klein points out that Glen Abbey and the Stoneridge Golf course were able to work out their differences with developers without having to go to the OLT – he hope is that Burlington can do the same.

The MGA people want the city to take the lead on this issue. There doesn’t appear to be very much confidence in ward Councillor Angelo Bentivegna’s efforts.

There are two organizations in Millcroft solidly against the plans to further develop the golf course.  There is MAD – Millcroft Against Development and MGA –  Millcrogt Green Alliance

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2 comments to Millcroft residents want Mayor to recall Council and pass a resolution standing behind the needs of the community

  • Bob

    Sounds like the candidate is playing politics

  • Nancy

    Rick Greenspoon never came to the door! He would have been allowed in to listen as was the case with the mayor. I was working the registration desk and he didn’t attempt to come in. Get your facts right!

    Editor’s note: The candidate was the source of our information