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By Amy Hogan

June 30th, 2022



With nearly 10 million square kilometers, Canada offers a lot of amazing places that you should see. We frequently attempt to go overseas, go swimming in the ocean, or experience a different culture on our holidays or long weekends. Our nation, however, has a wider range of experience.

Travel starts when you are behind the wheel of your car with cell phone camera in your hands to record every kilometre

It is a fantastic time to hop in your car, travel outside of Burlington, and explore new sights. When going on a road trip, many people prefer to rent a car rather than take their vehicle. Thus, you get a fully serviceable vehicle, and also do not increase the mileage of your car. Additionally, this is a fantastic opportunity to hire the automobile you’ve always wanted.

Burlington offers a ton of fantastic vehicle rental options. Among them are Enterprise, Thrifty, Hertz, and Sixt. Local car rental services can be compared to the best car rentals in Dubai such as Evolve which offers a huge variety of cars to rent from economical to exotic. Car rentals offer affordable prices and first-class service.

We’ll discuss the out-of-Burlington road trips you should take to learn more about our country.

Georgian Bay Coastal Route, Ontario 

Prepare yourself for one of the most amazing and lengthy road adventures of your life. The two thousand kilometers coastline road offers a terrific opportunity to take in some of the most stunning sights. Most make some stops for:

  • Hiking through dense forests and winding paths on Manitoulin Island;
  • Well-liked summer vacation spot – Wasaga Beach;
  • Cultural education and a relaxing holiday in the friendly town of Midland;
  • Family camping on the craggy shorelines of the Awenda Provincial Park;
  • Swimming in the clear waters of Killbear Provincial Park;
  • Communication with the small but hospitable community in the village of Killarney.
  • The village of Killarney.

Niagara Falls – one of the greatest sights in the world. Don’t miss this one when you travel – half an hour away from Burlington.

You should include the Chatham-Kent Corridor in your schedule in addition to the main tourist attractions because you will have to go via more than 20 towns there. You will be able to photograph some of the most stunning lakes in the nation along the journey, including Lake Erie, and the Thames River. Your route is much condensed after leaving Burlington, but you will ultimately reach Amherstburg.

The greatest time to travel this road is right now since nature and its vistas are just hard to resist. Make sure to see Niagara Falls, which is the most important location in the entire country.

Icefields Parkway, Alberta 

This is the finest road trip in the entire globe, not just in the country. Every year, tens of thousands of people from across the globe go to Canada for this thrilling four-wheel experience.

There are more than 230 kilometers throughout the trip. The two national parks of Banff and Jasper will be significant destinations along the itinerary. After seeing them, you will truly enjoy the imposing mountains, tall waterfalls, glistening lakes and rivers, and, most significantly, the powerful glaciers. It will take around three to four hours to get from one national park to another, but it’s important to note that you could wish to stop at the Columbia Glacier for the entire day along the route. It’s the ideal location for adding to your Instagram photo library and a fantastic option to go hiking.

Those mountains create ice fields that are slowly receding – but you can walk on them when you visit,

The most popular stops are:

  • Bow Lake;
  • Peyto Lake & Bow Summit;
  • Big Hill & Big Bend;
  • Glacier Sky Walk.

This road trip is often taken by most individuals in the early summer or early fall. However, if you want to choose a less crowded season to go, you might think about doing the road trip in October, but be aware that it will rain frequently.

Montreal to Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec 

If you choose to begin your journey from Montreal and travel down one of the most picturesque highways to the Gaspé Peninsula, an intriguing adventure is in store for you. Typically, the journey might take up to 10 hours. For those who enjoy viewing overhanging cliffs and pine trees, this path is perfect.

The Gaspe coast miles of incredible views

The main stops you can make are:

The town of Rimouski, which is a great place to stay for the night;

Capture the spectacular scenery in Percé;

Drop by Old Quebec, the most French-speaking area;

Set out on this road journey from early June to mid-September.


The number of road adventures available in the country is much more than what is represented above. They are the most thrilling, though. They are magnificent because they offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy both urban and country activities.

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