Minister never used the word Greenbelt when speaking to municipal leaders

By Pepper Parr

August 23rd, 2023



Minister of Minister of  Municipal Affairs Steve Clark spoke to municipal leaders starting with “our province is leading the nation in job growth with more than 700,000 full time jobs created in the province since 2018. Over the last two and a half years Ontario has attracted more than $25 billion in investments in the auto and the electrical vehicle battery sector alone, including investments in Windsor just down the road from here with the exciting news that Volkswagen is making the historic investment in St. Thomas.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark telling AMO members about how well the province was doing.

He introduced new programs to help municipalities cope with the demands that the huge increase in housing are having in planning departments across the province.

He announced that the government will be unveiling a slate of regional facilitators in Durham, Halton, Niagara, Simcoe County, Waterloo and York by September 11 of this year.

These facilitators will be tasked with reviewing the structures that are in place in these fast growing areas to ensure that they’re up for the job in delivering efficient effective and accountable government that residents both expect and deserve.

Never used the word Greenbelt in his speech – might use it when he uses the word ‘resigning’.

There is much more to report on and that will follow.

What we didn’t hear once during the twenty minutes address was the word Greenbelt.

Maybe it will be uttered when he uses the word ‘resigning’.

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2 comments to Minister never used the word Greenbelt when speaking to municipal leaders

  • Blair Smith

    This is all so reminiscent of Orwell’s “Animal Farm” with the deluded but aspiring Strong Mayors accepting all of Napoleon’s self-serving propoganda. If you begin to feel a little “sheepish”, you’ll know why.

  • We gave them a ton of information in the Regional Review – nothing happened, is this the same old, same old!