More about the re-development of the Waterfront Hotel

By Pepper Parr

May 1, 2024



There are several sides on the Waterfront Hotel redevelopment.

Darko Vranich owner of the property wants to put up two tall, very tall – they will be the tallest in the city – if this development is approved.

The two towers are further apart in the most recent proposal and the bridge between the two towers is no longer part of the plan

The key issues that David Bronskill, representing the Waterfront Hotel, stated he believed the issues relevant to this hearing are:

– History of the project

Different views of the development as seen from different points in the city.

– Height

– Urban structure

– Parkland dedication


Chris Barnett, representing the City of Burlington stated the key issues are:

– Lake and Spencer Park accessibility and interface

– Over intensification – height and scale

– ROPA 48 – removal of UGC/MTSA

– Urban  structure – recognizing the “secondary regional node” designated status by the Halton region

The entrance to the Pearle Hotel will be across the street from the hotel that is to be part of the redeveloped Waterfront Hotel site. The entrance to the garage for both hotels and the residential units is also on Elizabeth street.

Ira Keegan, representing the Pearle Hotel, located to the immediate east of the Waterfront Hotel, said the issues were:

– impact on the views to the Pearle hotel

– vehicle access to the Pearle hotel

The entrance to the hotel portion of the development and vehicle entrance to the garage will be on Elizabeth Street directly across from the Pearle Hotel.

The level at which the Gazette can report on this critical and important matter might be limited by Ontario Tribunal rules.  We are following up on that.


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2 comments to More about the re-development of the Waterfront Hotel

  • Bob

    They were NIMBY’s then and they are now. The only difference is the Pearle Hotel has now joined their hypocritical arguments.

  • Joe Gaetan

    When ECOB and individuals were trying to rein in over zealous developments they were called NIMBYS. Is the Pearle Hotel who got what they wanted, now the new nimby?