More Greenbelt land slips into developer hands - 500 acres in June

By Pepper Parr

July 26th, 2027



Marit Stiles, Leader of the Official Opposition NDP said today that the Ford-connected developers snatched up more than 500 acres of previously-protected Greenbelt land as recently as June:

“In early June, while Ford’s Conservatives were in the Legislature claiming their Greenbelt Grab had nothing to do with their developer friends a big break, those same developers were busy snatching up hundreds of acres of Greenbelt land hand over fist, said Stiles who added:.

“It’s no wonder some of these Ford-connected developers have lawyer-ed up to try and avoid questions from Ontario’s Auditor General while she conducts a probe.

“Ontarians know these land deals have nothing to do with housing and everything to do with a select few Conservative insiders getting even richer after the government abruptly changed its policy in their favour. Report after report shows that our province has the land and resources to build affordable housing now without having to tear up the Greenbelt to reward a handful of developers and create even more sprawl.”

“As if these insider backroom dealings weren’t enough, the 524 acres in question were all part of one of the most ecologically important areas in all of Canada. The Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve is irreplaceable, and Ford’s Conservatives are giving it away to their friends to pave over. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Ontario’s Integrity Commissioner and Auditor General are currently probing the circumstances surrounding the Greenbelt sale, following requests from Stiles and the Official Opposition.


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1 comment to More Greenbelt land slips into developer hands – 500 acres in June

  • Judy Snyder

    Pepper, I’m interested in knowing more about White Cherry Developments. The one I’m finding online is UK based. Why would a UK company be buying up such a large amount of our ecologically significant land? I know the obvious answer ($$$) but what’s the connection to the Ford government? If, in fact, a connection exists and this is the same company.