More People Playing at Casinos than Betting on Sports in Legal Ontario Online Casino Market

By Kenny Wilson

August 14th, 2023



According to recently released data from iGaming Ontario (iGO), people in the province are spending more on online casino games than they do on sports betting. The figures released by the iGO provide a comparison between the two sectors of the online gambling market.

People in the province are spending more on online casino games than they do on sports betting.

They also show that Ontarians spent more than $14 billion on wagering in total during the April-June 2023 quarter. This is an excellent figure, given that the province only launched its regulated online gaming market in April 2022. This launch allowed providers such as sites listed in this guide to offer sports betting, casino games, and poker services to people in Ontario.

Figures for legal Ontario online casino and sports betting markets

Looking more closely at the April-June quarter figures provided by iGO:

  • $11.6 billion was spent on casino games, including slots, live gaming, table games, and bingo.
  • $2 billion was spent on sports, esports, and novelty betting.
  • $350 million was spent on poker content.

Overall, betting and gaming online in the quarter generated $545 million in revenues compared to revenues of $162 million for the same quarter the previous year when regulated online gambling had just launched.

These increased revenues are good news for the operators and the government as it receives its own slice of the money made from online gambling, a welcome boost for its finances.

The growth of the industry is positive from a financial point of view. However, some people are concerned about issues with problem gambling increasing, given that were more than 900,000 active player accounts in the Ontarian market in the last three quarters.

Concerns about gambling dangers being addressed

Knowing what your financial limit is – makes gaming fun. Being responsible keeps you out of trouble.

The government of Ontario has taken action to address concerns about problem gambling in the province. According to the Office of the Attorney General, Ontario is a national leader in online gambling and puts resources into protecting consumers and providing them with help should they have any problem gambling issues.

The breakdown of support from the Ontarian Government is as follows:

  • $31 million in funding to help alleviate problem gambling.
  • $25 million in funding to create and run treatment programs.
  • $6 million in funding for education and efforts to prevent problem gambling.

In a further attempt to make it less likely that people will encounter difficulties from gambling, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is proposing banning the use of celebrities in sportsbook advertising.

Overall, the government of Ontario is dedicated to ensuring the online gambling market in the province continues to be successful. In addition, the authorities are invested in protecting consumers from the potential harms of gambling.

Given the dedication of the government and the promising figures so far, the future for online casinos and betting in Ontario looks positive. Casino gaming, in particular, is attracting impressive revenues and bringing significant financial rewards to the operators. It’s also providing vital revenue for the government of the province, some of which is invested to protect consumers and provide a safe playing environment.


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