Multiple voting documents being sent to some people - city hall doesn't appear to be following up when alerted.

By Pepper Parr

October 13th, 2022



The beauty of a small, poorly funded, independent, accredited new source is that we can publish useful information that other media, dependent on advertising they get from the city, won’t touch,

The most recent tidbit is this one.

A couple who asked not to be named advised us that they received received two different Voter Information Letters including two different registration codes to vote online.


Robert Norman Axxxxx  Registration Code XYZ……

R Axxxxx.                           Registration Code ABC…..

“We could have voted twice! I am assuming others got the same kind of notice too.

“On September 28, I emailed

but have not heard back.”

It doesn’t have to be this way and should not be this way – somewhere in the organization someone is not doing what has to be done to prevent things like this.  And when they do happen – mistakes get  made – they do nothing about it.  That impacts on the credibility of city hall.

The people who sent us the information asked: “Please do not use my name or email address if you choose to publish this information.”  People in Burlington are actually afraid of the city administration their taxes pay for.



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3 comments to Multiple voting documents being sent to some people – city hall doesn’t appear to be following up when alerted.

  • Jimmy Perrenoud

    This morning Mr. Arjoon, the City Clerk and most responsible official for overseeing the electoral process in Burlington, posted the following tweet –

    “My bugaboo with the Ontario Municipal Elections Act is that they use binary gender pronouns throughout the document. It is 2022.”

    Given your reporting here – and other instances that I have heard – I think we may have discovered the root of the problem. Perhaps Mr. Arjoon should be less concerned with ‘woke linguistics’ and more attentive to the integrity of the election that he is sworn to oversee. This City would seem to prefer style over substance and that direction comes right from the top of the house, imo.

  • Penny Hersh

    Some may be receiving multiple voting documents while others who have lived at the same place for many years have not received any voter registration cards.

    The question that needs to be answered, in my opinion is. Who provides the list of voters name and why if someone has indicated that they were not on the list 4 years ago are still not on the list?

  • Denise

    I also received two voter registration cards – one in my married name and one in my single name.