Music Hall 2023 - Twelve performances - 46% sold. This could be sold out before opening night

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February 1st, 2023



Carrie Mines

Tickets to take in the 2023 Drury Lane Theatre edition of Music Hall are now on sale

Ticket sales started last week and at this point they have sold 46% of the 1656 seats available. That 46% indicates the production is selling faster than normal given they are a month away from opening!

If this is something you were thinking of taking in – move quickly – they just might reach sold out before opening night.

Drury Lane takes you on a worldwide excursion of Music Halls; venturing to Vaudeville in New York City, Cabaret in Paris, Kabarett in Berlin and Music Hall in London while enjoying the flavour of this art form past and present.

The production embraces British and American versions of this popular live entertainment. However, the attraction to this comedic musical variety form also has strong roots in Glasgow, Warsaw and several other European cultures.

This compilation is strongly oriented to the stylings and methods utilized from 1890 to 1950.

The Pearlys – Jennifer Welosky, Michael Belton, May Farquhar

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Music Hall 2023.

March 3-26th -12 performances over a 27 day time frame.
Drury Lane Theatrical Productions
C: 289-260-7169

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