New Democrats want to put a stop to rent gouging during a severe shortage of units that can be rented

By Staff

September 6th, 2022



The New Democrats are going to sponsor a bill to put an end to landlord rent gouging.

They plan to introduce a Rent Stabilization Act that will require a landlord to charge new tenants what the last tenant paid.

Getting that information into the hands of a tenant who is scrambling to find a place to live will be both awkward and cumbersome.

Admittedly – something has to be done – but creating a new level of bureaucracy isn’t the answer.

The two members of the Legislature will be holding a media event on Wednesday – we will see what they have to say.

It would be nice if the government found the moral compass they lost, even before they were elected, and set new bearings for themselves.

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3 comments to New Democrats want to put a stop to rent gouging during a severe shortage of units that can be rented

  • Carol Victor

    Not as simple as it sounds…many tenants have been under paying for years while occupying the same home as prices have escalated and regulated rental increases have not been able to reflect these increases.
    Good in theory but every situation is unique.

  • Alfred

    Quick comment.

    Whoever staff is.

    Your suggesting that if 2 people that own 2 identicle properties( houses)side by side. That are now vacant. If one of the houses was rented out before for say $1,000 a month,. That owner could only re-rent the property for $1,000 a month. While the other owner who is now renting out the 2nd house for remember the same exact house in the same area(The same product if you will) for $3,000 a month 3 times the amount the first owner can charge. Actually all the rest of the owners on the street could charge $3,000 a month as well. Are we not supposed to be all equal in Canada both the landlords and tenants the guy paying $3,000 must be impressed. Now I hope you understand why with the NDP slithering around, nobody will ever build rental units in Canada.

    Final note: For a laugh I would suggest one of these NDP wackos go to one of their union factories and tell the workers there that some of them will only receive 1/3 the salary that the guy standing beside him will get for performing the exact same job. I suggest you bring a camera if you want to the riot to go viral.

  • Dave Turner

    And just how do they think this will get enacted from a minority position in the legislature. Ford will never support an NDP initiative.