News delivery options coming this week...

By Pepper Parr

January 23rd, 2020



Later this week we expect to be able to show you some of the subtle changes to the look and feel of what we deliver.

We have developed a more efficient way to get the news in front of you.

There are going to be different editions of the paper:

A Morning Edition, an Afternoon Edition and a Breaking News Edition.

The Morning and Afternoon editions go out at specific times. The top three stories are a click away – the rest of the paper is just as easy to get to.

Breaking News goes out the moment there is critical news. When there was a Covid19 outbreak at the Joseph Brant Hospital – that was Breaking News. We pride ourselves on getting news out very quickly – especially when it matters a lot.

Each issue arrives in your email once you’ve subscribed.  There is no subscription fee. You can cancel anytime and go back to logging in the way tens of thousands do daily.

And of course you can go to the web site anytime and look at everything including the archives which hold everything we ever published.

Changes have been tested; staff is now being trained.  There will be a separate news story during the week explaining how easy it is to sign up.  You can also unsubscribe anytime you decide you don’t like us any more.

Best of all the news is FREE!

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1 comment to News delivery options coming this week…

  • Wayne Brown

    I hope someone will proof read your new edition. Spelling and grammar could stand a little upgrade.