Not a word so far from the Mayor on the accident that took place at Bateman when asbestos was being removed

Well this is certainly interesting.

From a source that we have found to be reliable came the following:

The accident at Bateman happened on Thursday Nov. 9th at approx. 9am….

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has not posted a word on her private website and there has been no media release [posted on the City web site.

Council members have been told not to post to their social media accounts because the employees work for the contractor and it is the  Mayor  who speaks for Council.

What harm could the pablum Thoughts and Prayers statement really cause ?  Is this a case of an abundance of caution?

Was any asbestos released from the containment area?

It would appear anything to do with the Bateman project just gets screwed up.



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9 comments to Not a word so far from the Mayor on the accident that took place at Bateman when asbestos was being removed

  • Tom Muir

    I have worked for the Province, the Fed, and contracted for a few municipalities, and what I found, as Blair knows, is sooner or later, no matter what the politicians and senior staff do or say, to whom, or when, ad nauseum, they really just don’t care.

    They just aren’t transparent or truthful or accountable at pretty much any level to lowly us. So they do what they want, and act in any way to accomplish that goal.

    And in my experience, consistently, they don’t really care what I think or say or try to do – and I have tried a lot. They have counter marching orders what do, or else.

    Does anyone think the Mayor does not get her way in her own house? People are naive if they think they are going to easily get what they want past what the Mayor wants. I know this as fact.

    It just needs endless work and involvement to expose the truth, facts, lies, and who did what to whom. We need more folks in the comments column.

    And you can’t give up and quit – patience and determination is power.

    • Jim Thomson

      We need more residents filing with the Integrity Commisioner and with the Ombudsman.
      We need more people delegating to council when we see procedural violations.
      No just at Tax Time.
      Have you filed with the ombudsman about your complaint about the IC and City Clerk?

  • Anne and Dave Marsde

    We find it difficult to understand why the Mayor has not responded to an accident affecting a city contractor whose employees have been hurt when fulfilling their contract for the citizens of Burlington.

    We sincerely hope that whatever the cause the injured contractors have no long term health issues from being injured e. There cannot be any legal issue with the Mayor publicly stating what we have. !

    Yes, we are sure there are questions in the public’s minds of how this occurred and the impact which we hope will be answered in a timely fashion. Remember how much and for how long the pier contractor accident impact taxpayers?

  • Lynn Crosby

    So the mayor, who loves the camera and the friendly media, this time is silent? This is a newsworthy event at a project being done for the City where workers were injured and the public would have questions and concerns. Aligns with the “only comment on positive things” mantra and I guess it’s hard to spin this one though I’m sure they’re working hard on it with Communications and Legal. We deserve better. Have any of the softball media outlets with whom she speaks actually point blank asked her?

    “The Mayor speaks for Council.” Well, that wasn’t the case when she herself was a lowly councillor. And why do our current councillors accept this? The rest apparently are mute and can’t think for themselves?

    In this case, surely Councillor Sharman, as the councillor for Ward 5 and Rory, as the Deputy Mayor of Environment, should be commenting.

    Then again, Rory recently told a resident – and here I’ll paraphrase him with my own interpretation of his remarks with which I’m certain he would disagree but which is my opinion upon hearing them and from watching this council – that the Deputy Mayor role is basically a title only. That it is to be touted out when he’s away and trying to impress people. That he is a DM first and a regional councillor second and a city councillor last. That DM is to be written about in his blurb on the City website in a carefully worded vague way as if he is the one and only DM “tapped” by the mayor and his colleagues, as if every single councillor wasn’t also “tapped” for the same thing (kind of like giving every team a participation ribbon). But when it comes to actually responding to residents city-wide on environmental concerns, well no, that’s not what it’s for.

  • Blair Smith

    You know every politician if they’re senior enough and have been in the game long enough, as has Meed Ward, tend to have something that sticks with them like a bad dream or foul smell. The Bateman acquisition may be that ‘thing’ for Meed Ward. From the beginning it has been plagued with unwelcome (but justified) controversy, has brought out the worst in people (look at the Stolte/Nisan/Meed Ward exchanges) and generally presents prospects that have more downside than up. Bateman purchase could be the Mayor’s Waterloo – the single “event” that will be her legacy, with which she will forever be associated and which will put the lie to any idea of her having any form of responsible fiscal stewardship.

    And parenthetically Jim, we have it from very reliable sources (more than one) that the overwhelming choice of the public who responded to the ‘name the Community Centre Survey’ was, in fact, “Bateman”. This will be the result that will be presented to Council for ratification. It will be interesting to see if the staff report changes this result in response to backroom influence and, if not, how Council will react to this silly, unnecessary exercise.

    • Jim Thomson

      At the Appleby limited engagement session on Bateman, someone put that in as one of the ideas.
      Denise Beard had a very limited mandate. People want to engage on the whole project not the bits and pieces.
      It was only at the last session the Denise had any real enthusiasm. Some one spoke about the need for a 3rd place. for people to engage as a community.
      The presentation at the Seniors Centre by Jim Dier was very revealing.

    • Anne and Dave Marsden

      Actually Blair it may be more accurate that Bateman is the final straw that broke the casmel’s back according to our audit files which hopefully the Halton governance review will address.

  • Jim Thomson

    I’ve heard that it is bad luck to rename a ship.
    Could that be true for buildings as well?
    Do they need to consult a Feng Shui practitioner?