Now if the Minister acted upon and believed what he said Ontario could be a Place to Grow in a balanced way with municipalities making responsible decisions

By Staff

October 17th, 2022



 Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued the following statement to commemorate Local Government Week from October 16 – 22, 2022:

Steve Clark Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs

“Ontario’s 444 municipalities are critical partners of the provincial government, with many responsibilities and essential services which our communities rely on. Municipalities also help our government tackle complex issues—from building housing and supporting growth to reducing traffic gridlock and improving transit networks.

Local Government Week gives us an opportunity to reflect on these vital services and the responsibility that rests with local governments. You can use this week to learn about the many ways to get involved with your local government, including attending town hall meetings or having your say in a local consultation.

I know first-hand how important local government is, having first become involved at the age of 22, when I was elected as Mayor of Brockville. Later, I was the President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Chief Administrative Officer for the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands. These were great opportunities to learn from others, listen to different perspectives, and work to address the unique challenges municipalities face.

As the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, I have applied this experience to build strong relationships with our municipal partners and help Ontario communities thrive.

This year, during Local Government Week, I encourage everyone to learn more about the crucial role local government plays in making Ontario the best place to live, work, and prosper.”

The Gazette urges the people of Burlington to write the Minister directly and tell him we can manage our city – if the provincial government would just let us do just that.

The Minister gets email at:

If enough mail arrives he just might do something

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3 comments to Now if the Minister acted upon and believed what he said Ontario could be a Place to Grow in a balanced way with municipalities making responsible decisions

  • No point Pepper, he is no different than his predecessor. We had a one on one conversation in terms of our audits that were available to him that showed significant issues in local government setting aside the Municipal Act and much more. He asked we send them to his assistant and she gave us the email address, they did not have business cards at that time it was too early after electon. We have repeatedly sent him information that has not been responded to that he asked for and it is his job to deal with. Guess what he never get the information, staff does and that is where it stays. The only hope Burlington has is if Anne gets elected and as Mayor she is not stopped from speaking out at AMO and everywhere else in terms of what is happening that is not in line with the well-being and best interests of families and businesses of Burlington, Halton, Ontario, and Canada. Re-electing this council and MMW gives her permission to do exactly as she wants to do for the next four years regardless of the harm it can cause.

    • David Barker

      And you think Candidate Marsden going off at other city mayors and the minister is going to enhance Burlington’s chances of being listened to sympathetically? Candidate Marsden is definitely just what Burlington does not want or need on council or as mayor. MMW & council did get the ludicrous John St MTSA dezignation removed and the UGC moved northward without resorting to Marsdenesque ranting.

    • perryb

      I agree with everything in your note except the last sentence. The only way any change is going to happen is if the Ford government gets booted out, starting with our local MPPs. The main problem is still the unelected OLT/LPAT/OMB, which keeps getting resurrected with even more powers than ever. In the meantime we need to keep vigorously lobbying the various Ministers quietly doing Ford’s dirty work,