Oakville students elected as HDSB trustees

By Staff

February 27th, 2024



Kaitlyn Hou and Charlie Ochu were elected by their peers as Student Trustees for the next school year (2024-2025).

These students were the successful candidates elected to the role by their peers through an online election that took place on Thursday, Feb. 22. This year’s election included 24 candidates and a total of approximately 5,400 students casting votes – nearly doubling the number of votes cast last year.

Hou is a Grade 10 student at Abbey Park High School and Ochu is a Grade 10 student at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville. The new term of office officially begins on Aug. 1, 2024. In recognizing the results of the Student Trustee election, Trustees of the Halton District School Board welcomed Hou and Ochu to their roles as Student Trustees for the 2024-2025 school year. Hou and Ochu shared the following thoughts about their upcoming terms as Student Trustee.

Kaitlan Hou; Abbey Park High School student.

“What drew my heart into campaigning for the role of student trustee was not only the prospect of advocating for thousands of student voices, but the desire to empower more students to advocate for themselves,” says Hou. “In running for this position, I aimed to be a voice for my younger self – the girl who was unfamiliar with the concept of a trustee, harbouring many ideas without a platform to express them. By giving every HDSB student a platform to engage in decision-making regarding their education, I hope to increase engagement, embody the change I wished to see and ensure that every student has a say in their education.”

Charlie Ochu; Oakville Trafalgar High School student.

“When I first heard of the Student Trustee role, I was enthralled with the idea of being able to speak on behalf of 67,000 people and change schools for the better,” Ochu says. “Ever since I was elected, I’ve been on cloud nine. I’m waiting for someone to say “Gotcha!” and reveal that this was all an elaborate prank.

But until that happens, I will do my absolute best in this prestigious role. I’m excited to work with Kaitlyn, the board, and my fellow students to leave Halton in an even better state than our predecessors left it while fulfilling my promises to the students who put their trust in me.”



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1 comment to Oakville students elected as HDSB trustees

  • David

    Congratulations on being elected by your peers to represent their interests as Trustee’s, as you sit with the older member trustees of the board will it cross your minds that they were once your age and that their parents were also once your age, we talk about the ‘baby boomers’ millennials, gen-z etc you may even have heard of the greatest generation and the silent generation, the ‘Victorian’s’, ‘Edwardian’s’ all were once your age, all full of hope and excitement for the future, what will generation Alpha’s contribution to the World be? Whatever it is my hope will be it is based on education, not indoctrination. I wish you sincere Good luck.