OLT hearings give a peek at what the Lakeshore Road development could look like - IF it gets approved

By Pepper Parr

May 3rd, 2024



The Ontario Land Tribunal completed a solid week of hearings on the plans to re-develop the Waterfront Hotel site and construct two towers that will soar to 30 and 35 storeys on top of a four story podium.

The bridge between the two towers has been removed and the eastern tower moved closer to the lake. Major questions on how much city land can the development encroach on?

It will take a bit to pull a news story out of the hours of witness testimony but we can tell you now that the plans call for the pedestrian entrance to the hotel portion of the new development will be on Elizabeth Street opposite the Pearle Hotel.  Access to the underground garage and the loading docks will also be on Elizabeth Steet

Entrances to the underground garages are for both the Pearle and the hotel that will be part of the two tower development a planned for Elizabeth Street south of Lakeshore Road.

No matter how one looks at this – it will be an ongoing problem.  More when we dig into the details.

Concept of what the Lakeshore Road area could look like

We also have a clearer sense as to what the streetscape on Lakeshore Road could look like.  The plans to date have the potential to animate that part of the street.  The entrance to the eastern end of Spencer Smith Park will be though a wide opening between the two towers – similar to what has been done with the Bridgewater development to the east.

The lawyers representing the City and those representing the developer are some distance apart on what they are saying to the OLT Member S. Dionne, hearing the arguments.


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