Ontario Liberals decide how they will elect their new leader

By Staff

March 4th, 2023



During the Ontario Liberal Party’s largest Annual Meeting in over 20 years, party members voted to adopt a new system for electing their next Leader.

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Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie drawing the attention of Ontario Liberals at their Annual AGM

Under the new leadership election system, each constituency association shall be allocated 100 points, to be awarded to leadership candidates based on the proportion of support they receive.

Members will directly cast their votes for their preferred Leadership candidate using a ranked ballot, giving every member a say in the election of a new Leader.

In continuing to recognize the unique and important roles youth play in our party and in the future of Ontario, party members have also voted to allocate 50 points to each Ontario Young Liberal student club.

At the Annual Meeting, party members will also elect a new President and Executive Council, who will determine the timeline and additional requirements of the leadership election process.

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