Ontario Liberals Don’t Just Want Mike Schreiner: They Want His Party.


By Ray Rivers

February 5th, 2023



The provincial Liberal party is Ontario’s green party. The last decade and a half of Liberal rule from 2003 to 2018 were the greenest years in Ontario’s history.

In 2014 Ontario became one of the first jurisdictions anywhere to phase out its reliance on coal fired dirty electricity generation – the number one historical cause of global warming. That was also the single biggest reduction of carbon emissions in Canada, ever!

Ontario became Canada’s leading jurisdiction in implementing clean passive solar and wind renewable energy.

In its place Ontario became Canada’s leading jurisdiction in implementing clean passive solar and wind renewable energy. By the time they had been replaced as government, more than 92% of all the electricity in the province was being generated without using fossil fuels. Ontario led the rest of the country in wind capacity adding 5,060 MW of wind capacity between 2005 and 2019. And with 2,670 MW installed, Ontario had about 97% of Canada’s solar capacity in 2019,

The Liberals established an emissions trading regime to efficiently facilitate industrial carbon emission reductions and avoid the requirement for a carbon tax. They brought in powerful incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles (EV) and created the framework for an extensive network for EV charging across the province, including in apartments and condos. And the Liberals created the Greenbelt in 2005, the most extensive protective barrier to urban sprawl anywhere in the world.

It is questionable that the Greens or NDP could have practically done more to transition the province towards energy sustainability and on the path to reducing Ontario’s carbon footprint. In fact the changes the Liberals introduced so threatened the dyed-in-the-wool conservatives, those with vested interests in oil and gas, and the climate change deniers, that they were booted out by the elect-Doug-Ford dinosaurs.

For those that read my columns leading up to the last provincial election you’d remember that Mike Schreiner won the debates hands down. He hit the points the Liberal and NDP leaders only slept through, and took Ford to task, not only on his environmental policies but health care failures as well. So he is not only a good leader for the Greens but, if debates mean anything, would probably be a great leader for Ontario as well.

Change the colour of tat sign to red – and it will do just fine in the next provincial election.

Hasn’t anyone in the Green Party woken up to reality and smelt the coffee. In last June’s election, that party scored only 6% of the vote, whereas the Libs and Dippers split the rest (about 25% each) of the non-Ford vote, allowing Ford a free pass to a four year virtual dictatorship. The Green Party is acting like the Ralph Nader of Ontario politics. Left of centre Nader stole enough votes from Gore to help Bush steal the presidency in 2000.

There was a letter from some 40 prominent Liberals inviting Schreiner to come over and lead their party. In response some 75 Greens penned a response saying that the Libs should join them Greens. It’s a brilliant idea. As someone famous once said, ‘a rose by another name would smell as sweet’.

So call it the Liberal Greens or the Green Libs or whatever, but get your collective act together and stop Doug Ford before he does even more damage to this province than he already has. If you love this province, that is.

Ray Rivers, a Gazette Contributing Editor, writes regularly applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.   Ray has a post graduate degree in economics that he earned at the University of Ottawa.  Tweet @rayzrivers

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7 comments to Ontario Liberals Don’t Just Want Mike Schreiner: They Want His Party.

  • Larry

    Yes for a strategy to stop this inane splitting of the vote that let’s thugs win.

  • Ray Rivers

    Thank you Alan….LOL

  • Alan Johnston

    Maybe the Red Green Party…..

  • David

    All Political Parties want clean air, to suggest the Conservatives had nothing whatsoever to contribute is misleading.

    (Premier Ernie Eaves Progressive Conservative) In 2003, Ontario committed to phase out coal-fired electricity entirely. That same year, the province announced that it would close Lakeview Generating Station (GS) (2,400 MW).
    Ontario’s commitment to eliminate all of its coal-fired generation was enacted in a phased approach. Lakeview GS (2,400 MW) ceased operations in 2005, followed by Atikokan GS (211 MW) in 2012, Lambton GS (1,980 MW) and Nanticoke GS (3,940 MW) in 2013 and Thunder Bay GS (306 MW) in 2014.

    (Premier Doug Ford Progressive Conservative) As of March 2022, Ontario’s electricity supply mix was made up of 34 per cent nuclear, 28 per cent natural gas, 23 per cent hydro, 13 per cent wind, one per cent solar and less than one per cent biofuel — though not all used to their full capacity. For example, 60 per cent of Ontario’s energy comes from nuclear power.Jul 22, 2022

    (Premier John Robert’s Progressive Conservative) The first full-scale CANDU reactor entered service on September 26, 1968, at Douglas Point on the shore of Lake Huron in Ontario.

  • Joe Gaetan

    A party of One is no party. Lets face it there is no green plan anywhere in this country just a bucket of sound bites and the carbon tax that is theoretically all returned to us. Case in point, lets all drive EV’s. Great idea until there is not enough eletricity to charge them by 2025. Ev’s consume 30% of a households electricity. If you are in a condo that was not built with roughed in EV infrastructure (most in place today in Burlington) hang on to your wallet. Buyer beware.

  • Carol Victor

    Agreed Liberals need a better choice in their leadership …Schreiner is a great choice..Doug Ford has to go.

  • David

    You never give the source to your claims. Ontario was greener because of what? more CO2?

    Editor’s note: Rivers suggests the reader make a point of reading the background links that were provided.

    Rivers: That is why the links are there.