Ontario Parks is expanding the Advanced Daily Vehicle Permit Service

By Staff

May 3rd, 2022



While we think Burlington has everything one could ever want in terms of places to go to get out and get some fresh air – there are parks scattered about the province that would love to see you.

Setting up the tent – now you know you are camping.

Advance day use reservations will be available at 33 parks this summer.  The booking service will allow visitors to guarantee a day-use spot up to 5 days ahead of their trip. Permits can be obtained online using the reservation service.

Paddling across the still water of a large lake – pure Ontario

Building on last year’s offering at 17 provincial parks, visitors will be able to reserve day use permits at an additional 16 provincial parks starting on May 16 for arrivals on May 20.

Ontario Park visitors loved this service last year. Expanding it to additional parks now gives visitors even more opportunities to book a stress-free visit to a provincial park and spend more time in nature.


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1 comment to Ontario Parks is expanding the Advanced Daily Vehicle Permit Service

  • We agree Burlington Parks and those who maintain them are the very best. Yes we have seen the odd tattered flag fly too long but all in all Burlington Parks and maintenance staff are the very best. We use a little corner of one Burlington park for a break from our pro bono justice advocacy ministry which at times, such as now, carries an immense workload. We often put in 12 – 14 hour days and sometimes have to work overnight to assist families obtain the Ontario and Federal justice we are told we have.

    We pack a lunch, a thermos of coffee and most of all a jar of nuts to feed the squirrels. The squirrels now recognize our car and sit and beg while we eat our lunch inside the car when weather does not permit setting up our chairs with side tables when it does. This break whether it is half an hour or sometimes 3 – 4 hours on a really lovely day when the daily deadline clock is not ticking as fast as it presently is, has been a mental health lifesaver for both of us over this winter. A memorial bench for Anne’s mother Eva Bourgoin in this little spot so everyone else can enjoy is on our to do list right behind everything we have to do to see Anne register for the Mayor’s race and get a hefty tax rebate (we use Canada Revenue as a savings account – dumb we know but it works for us). All will be accomplished but when is a question we cannot aswer right now, hopefully before the end of May.

    The issues that see us seeking this little corner of peace and tranquility where we have the opportunity to be as close to nature as at our trailer, affects all those seeking justice and the legal community that serves them particuarly in Burlington and Halton. Issues we have been addressing for the last thirty years that must be resolved. Too many Ontarians are being hurt by the ignoring of directives of the Chief Justices of Ontario and carved in stone provincially and legislated laws. One day, or are we dreaming, we will set our experiences out in a series of books maybe called A Wicked Serve and those who have not been affected at this point in their lives, will learn justice issues can and do affect us all.