Ontario Raising Highway Speed Limits - 00-series highways will see posted speeds of 110km/h

By Staff

April 24th, 2024



The Ontario government is raising the speed limit permanently from 100 km/h to 110 km/h on 10 additional sections of provincial highways in northern and southern Ontario.

“The change builds on the safe and successful increase to six sections of provincial highways in 2022 and aligns with posted speed limits in other jurisdictions across Canada.

Does 110 Km per hour mean that 120 km per hour will become the norm?

“Most of Ontario’s highways were originally designed to safely accommodate speed limits of 110 km/h and the data from our changes in 2022 shows they do just that,” said Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation.

“These evidence-based increases are a common-sense change to make life more convenient for Ontario drivers while bringing our highway speed limits in line with other Canadian provinces.”

“Starting July 12, 2024, the speed limit will be permanently raised to 110 km/h on most of the following provincial highway sections, with the remainder coming into force before the end of the year:

      • Hwy 401, Tilbury, extending the existing 110 km/h zone further east by 7 km
      • Hwy 401 from Hwy 35/115 to Cobourg (approximately 35 km)
      • Hwy 401 from Colborne to Belleville (approximately 44 km)
      • Hwy 401 from Belleville to Kingston (approximately 66 km)
      • Hwy 401 from Hwy 16 to Quebec boundary (approximately 107 km)
      • Hwy 403 from Woodstock to Brantford (approximately 26 km)
      • Hwy 403 from Brantford to Hamilton (approximately 14.5 km)
      • Hwy 406 from Thorold to Welland (approximately 13 km)
      • Hwy 416 from Hwy 401 to Ottawa (approximately 70 km)
      • Hwy 69 from Sudbury to French River (approximately 60 km)

“All highway sections were selected based on their ability to safely accommodate higher speed limits. Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have a maximum speed limit of 110 km/h, while in British Columbia, the maximum speed limit is 120 km/h.”

We want to find out how many traffic deaths there were on  400 highways in 2023 and then report on what that number is a year after this increase in speed was made legal.



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5 comments to Ontario Raising Highway Speed Limits – 00-series highways will see posted speeds of 110km/h

  • Ted Gamble

    Completely unnecessary and unwise.

  • Grahame

    I would like to see 407 increased. Maybe I missed it?

    Editor’s note: It wasn’t on the list.

  • Michael Hribljan

    Great to see this updated, driving in Europe (France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy) (130 km/hr) and through out the US (70 – 80 mph) our highway speeds are the lowest I’ve encountered.

    Statistically, it would be nice if life were that simple. To calculated it correctly you need to look at representative past years, say the last 5, avoid covid years as those would be an outlier. Then calculate the number of fatalities per km travelled on those specific sections of road. Then calculate the standard deviation over those 5 years.

    Then calculate the average fatalities per km travelled in 2024/2025.

    Statistically if the fatalities are within (+ or -) two standard deviations of historical fatalities, its not statistically significant, ie. no difference.

    Good Luck.

  • Carol Victor

    So much for a climate crisis….

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