Our Members of Parliament are speaking out: Gould on child care and poverty; Damoff on the Black Community

By Staff

February 7th, 2023



At 2:40 pm yesterday afternoon Burlington MP Karina Gould stood up in the House of Commons and had this to say.

Burlington MP Karina Gould

“Mr. Speaker, one thing is clear: Over the last seven years, this government has been there for Canadians. In fact, from 2015 to 2020, poverty in Canada was reduced by 2.7 million Canadians. That is 782,000 children and 178,000 seniors.

“What happened in 2015? The government changed. The Liberals were elected and the Conservatives were out. It seems like something happened.” What can one say to that?

Oakville North—Burlington MP Pam Damoff.

Earlier in the month Pam Damoff rose in the House and reminded Canadians that February is Black History Month and added:

Mr. Speaker, 28 years ago, Canada’s first Black woman elected to Parliament, the Honourable Dr. Jean Augustine, was responsible for the House of Commons designating February as Black History Month in Canada.

Every February and throughout the year, we honour the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present, whose contributions have helped to make Canada the prosperous, compassionate and multicultural nation it is today. It is also a time to reflect on, and to remove, the inequities that still exist for Black Canadians.

Damoff is the MP for Oakville North—Burlington. She reminded her constituents of the several Black oriented groups in the community: The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton, Halton Black History Awareness Society, Sheridan College, Black Mentorship Inc. and many other organizations are hosting events and community programming taking place this month.

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6 comments to Our Members of Parliament are speaking out: Gould on child care and poverty; Damoff on the Black Community

  • Stephen White

    Karina may want to take a hard look at the video from the CBC’s The National Wednesday night which profiled the increasingly desperate state of inner cities in Canada. Mental health problems are increasing, fentanyl abuse is rampant, inflation is making it harder for families to live, housing costs are escalating, the level of violence is worsening, and more and more people are slipping through the cracks.

    She and her spin doctors can weave their intricate web of WOKE missives, virtue signalling and florid fantasies all they like, including blaming a former Prime Minister who hasn’t been in power in eight years, but the fact is that she and her supreme leader wear this mess, and that is a reality increasingly not lost on most Canadians.

  • David

    https://www.debt.ca/debt-clock This is in my ‘book marks’ $75m debt per day, those kids Gould says she’s helping well theirs kids will still be paying for this governments spending.

  • Keith Demoe

    Many politicians will play with the numbers to make it seem like there was some progress during their term. However, what is the real story behind child care…does it really work like they have suggested or is it really going in direction of $10/day?? Regarding poverty…think of policies that Liberals have put into place…are they helping combat inflation or making situation worse?? I don’t know if Conservatives are going to be much better, but what needs to start happening is proper planning on initiatives.

  • Michael Hribljan

    Our MP only likes to tell half the story. This government has borrowed more than all collective past governments, then proceed to hand out benefits and claim victory. Poverty is a multi-dimensional problem, and the Minister’s message is based on an income limit, or disposable income limit over a relatively short time window. The problem is that when federal borrowing causes inflation the “disposable income limit” buys much less and this explains why we’re seen unprecedented numbers at food banks, and those that can no longer afford sky-high rent.

    Remember two consecutive years of 8% inflation means price of goods over two years has gone up 17% (due to compounding), and when inflation comes down, it only means prices are not rising as fast.

    Recent Ledger polling results, 67% of Canadians believe this government is broken, they are in trouble and scrambling to control the narrative.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Since there is no official opposition in Burlington, Here’s what Melissa Lantsman had to say yesterday in the House of Commons.

    “Mr. Speaker, the Liberals can talk about the billions they spent all they
    want, but never in our country has so much money brought so few results.

    After eight years, the facts speak for themselves: the highest inflation in
    40 years, the highest interest rates in a generation, the highest home
    prices ever. New polls suggest that 45% of Canadians with variable mortgage
    rates will have to sell their homes in under nine months.

    The Liberals can say it, but Canadians know that everything is not okay.
    Again, will the Prime Minister show some humility and admit responsibility? “

  • Grahame

    Smells like fist stage of election coming soon.