‘outa sight….outa mind' Maybe not for long - there is a solution in sight

By Pepper Parr

March 22, 2023



A Burlington couple remind us once again about people that dump their garbage behind commercial locations in the Guelph Line – Upper Middle Road area.

Who owns the donation bins. Security cameras would solve this problem.

“Here we go …still again. This is a disgusting lack of community well being. It seems many folks will just ‘Dump” their garbage here as it costs them nothing, or they are too darned lazy to dispose of it properly.

Another selfish case of ‘“outa sight….outa mind”

Shame on them….

Turns out there just might be a way to catch the culprits.  We will let you know how it might work out.

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3 comments to ‘outa sight….outa mind’ Maybe not for long – there is a solution in sight

  • Ed

    The ravine at Lansdown park is a dumping ground also with the surrounding area covered in graffiti. Strange since there are often City vehicles in the parking lot. Security Cameras are so cheap why not use them?

  • Alan Harrington

    Large Big Box stores (with over a certain number of square feet) should offer a dumpster bin.
    Buy a new toaster – and you can throw your old one into their bin along with all the styrofoam, tape, wrapping, instructions, cardboard box etc. that comes with the new one. Problem solved.

  • Clive Thomas

    Just park in any parking lot and observe the people getting out of their cars, having a quick smoke before carrying in to their destination.

    A bylaw officer could EASILY ticket 20 people a day,
    Making this not only self funding, but cleaning up one of the most
    distressing aspects of our polluted world. Cigarette butts. Classified
    As numero uno n plastic waste