Unpopular 400 series highway - GTA West - moves into phase 2

By Staff July 12th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is in Stage 2 of the GTA West Transportation Corridor Route […]

Step Three of the Roadmap to Reopen at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 16, 2021.

By Staff June 11th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The province in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health is moving the province into Step […]

School Board Trustees explain their decision to rename Ryerson Public School

By Staff July 11th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Trustees Margo Shuttleworth and Tracy Ehl Harris delegating virtually before a city Standing Committee. Halton District School Board […]

Comments section of the Gazette experiencing technical issues

By Pepper Parr July 10th, 2021 BURLINGTON   There are problems with the commenting feature. Some reader comments are not getting through. Some comments made […]

City council hears from an Indigenous Elder on the matter of renaming parks and schools.

By Pepper Parr July 9th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Standing Committee on Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services met earlier this week and almost swooned […]

City beginning to plan for events - sign that the restrictions might be easing up soon

By Staff June 9th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   On April 10th of next year the people of Burlington will gather at the Cenotaph just north […]

Terry Fox T-shirts available later this month

By Staff July 8th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   On Tuesday the 13th, a group of people will gather at the Terry Fox Mile Marker, then […]

Regional Public Health office provides an update - the Covid19 virus and its variants are still with us and still dangerous

By Staff July 8th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   As of Thursday, July 8, 2021, 638,849 doses have been administered in Halton, which includes 394,519 first […]

Rivers: Who is Going to Pay for Global Warming ?

  “Exxon worked alongside Chevron, Shell, BP and smaller oil firms to shift attention away from the growing climate crisis. They funded the industry’s trade […]

Council instructs Clerk to prepare a plan for returning the public to council meetings

By Pepper Parr July 8th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   You won’t be able to actually attend a council meeting in September but expect to hear […]

Burlington now requires building permit applications to be submitted electronically

By Staff July 7th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington has announced that applications for building permits can now only be sent to […]

Rift between two camps on Council was visible earlier this week

By Pepper Parr July 8th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   There is a level of civility that the members of city council strive to project. There […]

Small business coach putting on a free seminar virtually - focused on getting business back on its feet

By Staff July 7th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Hugo Breton wanted to set up a business in Canada, more specifically within the Region of Halton. […]

Report from Clerk doesn't recommend a Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

By Pepper Parr July 7th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Running for office with little in the way of a community profile is very hard – […]

Suspect steals alcohol from two LCBO stores.

By Staff July 7th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   On Tuesday, 22 June 2021 1601hrs., an unknown male suspect attended the LCBO store located at 501 […]

Attracting talent to work at city hall is a problem - keeping those who already work for the city is an even bigger problem.

By Pepper Parr July 6th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Laura Boyd, Executive Director of Human Resources, gave a presentation to staff on the problems the […]

Now you know -

By Staff July 6th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   It is said that it is the little things that count. And when you gotta – you […]

Emerging artist completes a watercolour collection - wants to try doing something similar with acrylics

By Pepper Parr July 6th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   In the art world you look for that promising undiscovered artist and buy their work because […]

Is the hoped for economic recovery getting real traction? Numbers look good

By Staff July 5, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   How well is the Re-Opening going? Is retail and hospitality recovering? There were long lines getting into […]

City manager sets out the job he has to do - will he be there to finish it?

By Staff July 5th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The City Manager sets the tone for what happens on the administrative side of city hall. Once […]