Getting the students ready for a return to school in less than two weeks has created confusion, concern and fear in the minds of some

Child getting off school bus

By Pepper Parr August 25th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Parents are concerned, somewhat confused and not at all certain what is going to happen when […]

Teams and Teamwork are the secret behind the 40 years of fund raising success for the Terry Fox Run to Cure Cancer


By Burlington Terry Fox Run Committee August 25th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON *Disclaimer: The Terry Fox Run is a grassroots event with no corporate sponsorship. We […]

This is not the time to let the Terry Fox mission down.

EAch of these woman had their own reasons for running this race and each ran it in their own way.  Hundreds did just this during the Terry Fox Run for cancer research

By Staff August 24th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   You may have seen some of them – the Terry Fox Posters in the bus shelters around […]

No more waiting for the gap - crossovers for the pedestrians


By Staff August 24th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Sanity has found the people that determine where it is safe to cross a street. Burlington got […]

Halton Public School Board chair tells the Minister of Education 'he isn't helping'.


By Pepper Parr August 24th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Reflecting the concern of parents across the province Chair of the Halton District Public School Board […]

Developer revises a six storey proposal in a quiet Aldershot neighbourhood yards away from there the ward Councillor lives - he is bound not to vote by a conflict of interest.

Clearview header pic

By Pepper Parr August 24th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   There is a lot of development taking place in Aldershot where ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith […]

Developer asking the city to put the building of a transit shelter on hold until the construction is complete.

Back 3 from the east April 2019

By Pepper Parr August 24th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It has been a very bumpy ride for the Molinaro Group and their Paradigm Development on […]

Public Board of Education to hold virtual Town Hall on Wednesday.

HDSB sign and bench

By Pepper Parr August 23rd, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   When will schools open in September? Gatherings like this inside a school will be possible IF […]

Tellier paints an expensive picture - the cost of the planning staff to meet the demands is significant - it will take at least two budget cycles to find the money

Amica development rendering

By Pepper Parr August 23rd, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Interim Community Development Director Jamie Tellier has a lot of careful explaining to do in the […]

Parents asked to submit the Intention forms to school board no later than 4:00pm TODAY


By Pepper Parr August 23rd, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Parents who have students attending the Halton District School Board have until 4:00 pm this afternoon […]

What were you looking for during the lock-down?


By Staff August 22, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Now that we are out of lock-down, we can look back and wonder what we did with […]

Planning department sets out how it should be organized going forward; it isn't going to be cheap.

Site Planning co-coordinator Jamie Tellier explans what is going to be built whereon the JBMH campus.

By Pepper Parr August 21st, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Those who pay attention to what happens in the way of development in the city, most […]

Be aware - be alert. Stay safe.


By Staff August 21st, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board prepared this poster and would like every household sending students to school […]

40 km/h set as the limit for dozens of streets. Would they dare do this in an election year?

Police with radasr guns at Alton two officers

By Staff April 21st, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The rate at which you drive down some streets is about to change. If council supports the […]

Personal Water Craft Crash in Burlington – Charges Laid by Marine Unit

Engines on Marine 2

By Staff August 20, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON On July 25, 2020, members of the Halton Regional Police Service – Marine Unit- responded to a collision […]

How many from Burlington? Will the Mayor sing an operetta from her porch?

Porch play

By Staff August 20, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   This could be interesting. HUGE NEWS! We’re almost there! Thank You! Thank You! To all of you […]

Former Councillor Rick Craven has become a contributor for the Bay Observer

Councillor Craven is the best Committee chair the city has.  He did a superb job of getting Coucil through the budget deliberations quickly and efficiently.  Is there higher office for him?

By Pepper Parr August 20, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   People sometimes wonder where retired politicians go when they no longer have a public they can […]

Thomas King will talk about his newest book - Indians on Vacation - via ZOOM cast on August 28th

Indians on vacation

By Staff August 20, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   A Different Drummer Books and Harper Collins Canada invite you to what Ian, proprietor of Different Drummer, […]

Male Arrested after Trafficking Fentanyl in Burlington

HRPS crest

By Staff August 20th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton Regional Police Service has concluded a two week drug trafficking investigation in the City of […]

Nuvo One under the protection of CCAA; seeking a buyer or a new investor


By Pepper Parr August 20th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It was a grand idea, brilliant perhaps, but it is in trouble now. The possible failure […]