Statement from Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward on Democracy & Governance at City Hall

By Staff March 26th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   I welcome any conversation about democracy, governance and how council can continue to work together in a […]

Mayor stiffs majority of her council - again

By Pepper Parr March 26th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   The decision as to what at least four members of City Council wanted the Mayor to […]

eSports Are As Popular As Ever: What's Brought Them To This Point?

By Damon Wild March 27th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   eSports, or competitive video gaming, have become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of fans, players, and […]

Mayor will have her moment later today when she lets Council know if she is prepared to relinquish any of her Strong Mayor powers

By Pepper Parr March 26th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   The Special meeting of City Council will be called to order with Mayor Meed Ward chairing. […]

Lusink: 'Right now, the Real Estate market showing promise - may not be smooth sailing from here.'

By John Lusink March 25th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON Understanding the volatility of the Ontario real estate market means wrapping our heads around the many […]

What does a development charge mean to you?

By Pepper Parr March 25th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   Few people understand what a Development Charges is – they should – they substantially to the […]

The U18 2024 Bulldogs playing their last game for a good cause

By Staff March 25th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   Both U18 Bulldogs teams are playing one final exhibition game at Mainway 2 on Wednesday, March 27th […]

Millcroft Greenspace Alliance had an impact at the OLT hearing

By Pepper Parr March 25th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   It is difficult for people to have an impact at an Ontario Land Tribunal hearing. Getting […]

A baseball team that is looking good and a total eclipse will be on the April 8th calendar - Metrolinx wants to get you to both safely.

By Pepper Parr Match 24th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON UPDATE: Trains will stop at Exhibition, Port Credit, Oakville, Burlington, Aldershot and St. Catharines GO stations in […]

The Gazette sent the following

The Gazette sent the following to the members of city council that supported a Motion asking the amayor to relinkquish some of the power that […]

There is a dangerous information vacuum in the city - members of Council have a responsibility to communicate

By Pepper Parr March 24th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   One of the tasks Brynn Nheiley had was to talk up all the reasons for working […]

What a week; the one we are heading into will define the city for the balance of this term of office

By Pepper Parr March 23rd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   What a week! On Tuesday, as part of a Council meeting, three members of Council put […]

Special Council Meeting -   Motion memo Improving Local Democracy by Strengthening City Decision-Making

By Staff March 22, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   The City announces the meeting – no context, no background. The Special Council meeting is regarding – […]

Rivers: Let’s have an Election on the Carbon Tax

By Ray Rivers March 22nd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   Despite all the noise from the official opposition on Parliament Hill, the truth is that carbon […]

Brynn Nheiley and Sheila Jones are no longer working for the City.

By Pepper Parr March 22nd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   Responding on behalf of Tim Commisso, City Manager – Further to your requests to Council members […]

Council members let the farce taking place at City Hall happen - hopefully they can make ammends

By Staff March 22nd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   The Mayor isn’t the only person responsible for the farce taking place in the Council Chamber. A […]

Bay Observer headlines revolt at Burlington City Hall

By Pepper Parr March 22nd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   What does this do to our Best Small City in the Country to live in? A […]

Pay phones being used by some of the people who want to communicate with the Gazette

By Pepper Parr March 22nd, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON   Remember the day when you could use these things for a dime? Would the Gazette reader […]

Changes in GO service starting Friday, March 23 at approximately 11:00 p.m.

By Staff March 18th, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON Starting on Friday, March 23 at approximately 11:00 p.m. Lakeshore West service will be temporarily suspended between West […]

Angelo Bentivegna: 'It is time for him to shine and for his fundamental decency to manifest itself.'

  By Pepper Parr March 21st, 2024 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION Life for Angelo Bentivegna is going to be very different for the next six days. […]