The Best Foot wasn't put forward at New Street and Guelph Line.

By Pepper Parr October 6th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   There are two stories here. First what the police are trying to do. And how that […]

Totally stupid behaviour is putting children at risk - catching these fools is a priority

By Staff October 6th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Ward 4 Councillor posted a tweet yesterday that highlights a serious problem. Why? Why? Why? She asks […]

Why You Should Always Read Online Reviews

By Luke Parker October 6th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   We’ve all been there before. You’re standing in line at the store, debating whether or not […]

Why You Should Check Online Casino Reviews in Canada Before Playing

By Julia Makarova October 5th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Casino reviews are a great way to get an idea of what a particular casino […]

Has the Bateman High School site deal been done ? It was supposed to close on September 30th

By Pepper Parr October 5th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Does anyone wonder why September came and went and there was no announcement on the purchase […]

Millcroft residents look at how City Council is handling their concerns: they don't appear to be impressed

By Staff October 5th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON “It seems that the City follows the same process over and over again and expects different outcomes. This […]

'Just the Facts' during Fire Prevention Week, October 8 to 15, 2022

By Staff October 5th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON Fire Prevention Week is October 8th to 15th, 2022 The Burlington Fire Department is going to be One […]

Applications to run an outdoor neighbourhood ice rink now available

By Staff October 4th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   There was a layer of frost on the windshield this morning. Winter weather is getting close and […]


By Anne Marsden October 3rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Click Let’s End the MMW Era December 19, 2016 will be a Council meeting my husband […]

If you find yourself in a bit of hot water - deflect - change the channel and put out something different.

By Pepper Parr October 3rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The time line on this story is what makes it interesting. Media and politicians, especially those […]

The debate is on - Mayor has to juggle her schedule - she has a Council meeting on the same day October 11th 7 PM Port Nelson United Church

By Pepper Parr October 3rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The best and perhaps only debate we are going to see during this election is to […]

Water Festival returned to Kelso for the grade 5 students - it was a virtual event for grades two students.

By Staff October 3, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   While the new normal has a few iffy spots to it – the closing of two sections […]

Will the truth lead to real reconciliation - might within the Indigenous community - not going to happen at Council

Pepper Parr October 3rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION We live in a time where offence is easily taken. We live in a time that has […]

Burlingtonians celebrate the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation at Spencer Smith Park

By Katelyn Goodwin October 1st, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington residents both Indigenous and non-Indigenous gathered in Spencer Smith Park Friday evening to mark National […]

Millcroft residents were not able to get the Mayor to put a resolution on the Council agenda in the morning - so they decided to demonstrate virtually in the evening

Millcroft – it was built as a unique community – and the residents want it to stay that way. By Staff September 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, […]

Two COVID-19 Outbreaks declared at Joseph Brant Hospital

By Staff September 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   For those who thought it was over – try again. Joseph Brant Hospital (JBH) declared two inpatient […]

National Reconciliation event will include a ceremonial - reflective walk from the Pier to the Canal

By Katelyn Goodwin September 29th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Friday afternoon, from 4-7 PM, residents, indigenous or otherwise, will be gathering in Spencer Smith Park […]

Canadian and Russian online casino legislation: How does it compare?  

By Dan Prefman September 30th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Anyone who lives in Burlington knows what a great place it is and what a fabulous […]

Vienna Boys’ Choir - at the Performing Arts Centre October 15th

By Staff September 29, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The angelic-voiced musicians of the Vienna Boys’ Choir bring their delightful program of Austrian folk songs and […]

How many building applications are there that are yet to be completed? The map tells the full story - tree permits and drainage certificates

By Pepper Parr September 29th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Interesting. The map below came our way. The black symbols are building permits that have been […]