Selling Your Property: Use these 5 Ways to Stage Your Windows Creatively

By Paul Sebastian December 26th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON Great windows will result in a sale above the asking. When renovating your home for sale, there […]

He will be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

By Staff December 24th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   It is a message that has been with us long before they invented Santa Claus. It’s a […]

Just what is the ethno-cultural make up of the Region ?

By Staff December 23rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Throughout 2023, Halton Region Economic Development is releasing a series of infographics coinciding with Statistics Canada’s data […]

Did the politicians miss out on a photo op ?

By Staff December 23rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Aerial view of the condominium where five were killed by an unstable resident. The Vaughan Slaughter Joe […]

Glen Eden opens on the 26th

By Staff December 23rd, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON Glen Eden has announced that the hill will officially open to the public on December 26th, 2022. “The […]

City Administration Phone Service Disruption

By Staff December 21st, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON Due to a phone outage, please reach out to the City in these ways. We are here to […]

What do Canadians think about the economy they have to deal with?

By Pepper Parr December 21st, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Data and the big picture – does it help us in deciding what to do ? […]

Eight teenage girls charged with second degree murder

By Staff December 20th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   If we didn’t think we are a society in serious trouble – think again. Headline in a […]

As long as you don't have to shovel it - the snow is a great playground

By Pepper Parr December 20th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   It is about to officially winter; a great time to get outdoors and make the best […]

Burlington Chamber of Commerce sets out its five priorities for 2023 and goes looking for new Board members

By Pepper Parr December 20th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Chamber of Commerce Terry Caddo The Burlington Chamber of Commerce speaks of a great first […]

Get a sneak peek at how popular fashion trends and technology are working together

By Alex Miller December 20th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   There’s been a revolution in the way people buy fashion. In the past, shoppers would head […]

Art Gallery holiday hours and program offerings

By Staff December 20th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The Art Gallery of Burlington holiday Hours are: December 24: 10am – 3pm December 25: CLOSED December […]

The challenge as we celebrate Hanukkah. and Christmas

By Pepper Parr December 19th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   As we approach a time of year when the spiritual part of our lives is more […]

Ontario Place will be bigger, better and partly private when provincial government completes its overhaul

By Staff December 17th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON Some of the illustrations can be enlarged by rolling the cursor over them The Government of Ontario is […]

Halton Public School Student EQAO grading was above average for the 2021-22 school year

By Staff December 16th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   Despite the chaos on attending classes during the academic year the Halton District School Board the Ontario […]

Hamilton Airport Does it Again - Best Canadian Growth Numbers in 2021 with 2022 looking even better

By Staff December 15th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   The Hamilton airport people report that they have done it again. Statistics Canada data. Their growth numbers […]

When will the Public Participation and Engagement in the Robert Bateman 'Adaptive Re-use' Project Take Place?

Jim Thomson December 14th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   In a presentation to council yesterday, in the Engagement Matters, there is no mention of there having […]

Break a leg Ray - four days to master the script and be able to sing as well.

By Staff December 14, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   He was at first swamped – learning lines for a play that opens on Friday. That put […]

Ultimate Road Trip Safety Guide For Families Travelling During the Holidays

By Abbie Clark December 14th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   This isn’t the average family taking a trip – but can you imagine the fun they […]

Pressing need for lifesaving blood and plasma donations, yet only 1 in 10 plan to give over the holidays

By Staff December 13th, 2022 BURLINGTON, ON   While 6 out of 10 eligible donors in Canada believe donating blood or plasma over the holidays […]