Doug Ford’s Greenbelt Fiasco - Liberals at the Gate

By Ray Rivers August 24th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION Ontario’s Premier must think we are all stupid. Everyone knew he had promised developers that he […]

Local talent wanted to take part in a Culture day at the Seniors' Centre

By Staff August 24th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The Arts and Culture Council of Burlington in collaboration with the City of Burlington are looking for […]

Crombie on what she would like to see happen at Colleges and Universities

By Staff August 23rd, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON The run for the role of the Ontario Liberal Party leader is daunting. Fund raising and getting […]

Minister never used the word Greenbelt when speaking to municipal leaders

By Pepper Parr August 23rd, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Minister of Minister of Municipal Affairs Steve Clark spoke to municipal leaders starting with “our province […]

Downtown Heritage Study group will have a booth at the Food for Feedback event Saturday September 16 - 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

By Staff August 23rd, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Saturday, September 16 there will be a “Downtown Heritage Study” booth at the City’s annual Food for […]

RCMP take over the land swap case - will criminal charges be laid?

By Pepper Parr August 23, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The heat just got turned up a notch. Police in Ontario tend not to touch much […]

Many people consider Pin Up casino online to be one of the best online platforms in Canada.

By Mia Gonzales August 23rd, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Casinos for real money have recently become more and more common in the mentions of players. […]

How is $1.2 billion over three years going to result in more homes being built - city doesn't build - developers build and they haven't been doing much of that lately

By Pepper Parr August 22, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Would someone explain to the Premier of the province that municipalities do not build houses. They […]

Bonnie Crombie wins a lot of the hearts during a meeting of Burlington Liberals - Sandra's wasn't one of them

By Pepper Parr August 22, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   She entered the room and dove right into the crowd. Shaking hands, saying hello – nice […]

Finally: An occasion to listen and tell city hall what you would like the Bateman HS property to be used for

By Pepper Parr August 22, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   This evening, at the Appleby Line Ice Arena, people will have an opportunity to voice their […]

Local bean counter considering a new career - loves the old war planes

By Alan Harrington, August 21st, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Inspired by this August 14 article in the Gazette, I clicked the link to learn more […]

Are we finally seeing something driven by public service instead of private greed?

By Staff August 20th 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   In the midst of Canada’s worsening housing crisis, a collective of industry experts has drafted a blueprint […]

City would like to hear what you think of the three finalists and their proposed sculpture for the new Skyway Community Centre.

By Staff August 21, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is commissioning an artist to create a sculpture for the new Skyway Community […]

Premier addresses Ontario Mayors at AMO conference - didn't uses the word Greenbelt once

By Staff August 21st, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Friends…It’s great to be back here in the wonderful city of London…Alongside my caucus and cabinet colleagues […]

Nate Erskine - Smith tells Burlington Liberals the race for the provincial leadership is between him and Bonnie Crombie

By Pepper Parr August 20th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Being part of the process that has candidates for leadership positions in a political party is […]

Tip sheet on how the matter of those sort of legal land transfers is going to go down.

By Pepper Parr August 18th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION There is a publication with a 127 year history of giving people who like to spend […]

Eris, a new Covid variant of interest is being watched carefully - no serious sign in Halton Region data

By Pepper Parr August 18th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON The Regional Health department updates its dashboard related to COVID19 information every Thursday at 4:00 pm. There […]

Nine hole disc golf course now operational at Kelso Conservation

By Staff August 18th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   Disc Golf enthusiasts and outdoor adventure seekers can give Conservation Halton’s new ‘Summer 9’ disc golf course […]

The people who keep the lights on at city hall take part in the AMO conference

By Pepper Parr August 18th, 2023 BURLINGTON, ON   They will head for London Ontario to take part in the annual Association of Municipalities of […]

There is real treasure for you in the downtown core

By Staff August 16th,2023 BURLINGTON, ON   This looks like fun – credit to the Burlington Downtown Business Association (BDBA) for this one. On August […]