Won’t be long before we hear “Play ball” followed by the crack of a baseball bat – snow has to melt first.

By Staff February 26, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. Perhaps it is part of an attempt to hustle up some warmer weather and if that’s 5the […]

Alton sees development before any of the “prosperity nodes”. Developer expects to see some occupancy before the end of 2015

By Pepper Parr February 26, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. It became evident early in the development of the Alton community that it was going to […]

Seedy business at St. Christophers Anglican church; hope springs eternal for the gardeners – winter will end.

By Staff February 25, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON If you are one of those who believes that there is an end to this winter and […]

Half Chilly Marathon will be “chilly” this year. Race takes place Sunday, Lakeshore Road closed for part of the day.

By Pepper Parr February 25th, 2104 BURLINGTON, ON. After a month or so of significant turmoil and the introducing of a new named sponsor […]

Five arrested during drug raid: $14,800 in cash seized, drugs valued at $53,000 taken as evidence.

By Staff February 24, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. Very early this morning I Halton Regional Police, Burlington Strategic Support Team (SST), concluded a drug trafficking […]

Inappropriate touching in a movie theatre: – police make an arrest.

By Staff February 24, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. It went on for quite a while – between December 2013 and February 2014, but the Regional […]

Council waits for data before committing new resources for busses – pays cleaners $65k a year.

By Pepper Parr February 22, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. A report from John Duncan, Transit Manager was what staff call a “walk on” – wasn’t […]

Might Burlington lead in the transit service it provides its growing seniors population?

By Pepper Parr February 23, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. The process Burlington Transit is going through as they rationalize their routes and look for more […]

Full time heritage planner first step to a Conservation Heritage District designation for Mt Nemo plateau

By Pepper Parr February 22, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. There will be a heritage planner – a full time heritage planner but getting the position […]

Council beavers away at reducing spending – has $2.7 million left over from last year – which they aren’t going to give back.

By Pepper Parr February 22, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. When they brought things to a closer on Thursday we had a CURRENT budget of $134,339,651 […]

Why a “discussion concerning the City Manager’s Performance Evaluation” now?

REVISED By Pepper Parr February 22, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. They weren’t able to bring it home on Thursday, so they will get back at […]

Culture in the city isn’t going to be managed – council takes a pass on the cost – maybe next year.

By Pepper Parr February 21, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. There isn’t going to be a Cultural Manager in Burlington during 2014 – perhaps in 2015, […]

Was the goof deliberate or was James Smith just having a bad day? Has a council career ended before it started?

By Pepper Parr February 21, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON James Smith, the man who led the Friends of Freeman Station to where it is today […]

IKEA pull out is an “embarassing disaster”; both tax revenue and reputation will take a hit and in time the company may take a hike.

By Pepper Parr February 21, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. In the old Soviet Union, if you didn’t deliver they took you out and shot you. […]

Transit rider advocacy group want John street terminal kept and a better deal for those who use the bus as well.

By Pepper Parr February 20, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON Doug Brown knows more about what Burlington hasn’t managed to do with its transit service than […]

If you thought snow was a problem – wait until you have a flood. Rise im temperature to 4C has the potential to bring on floods.

By Staff February 20, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. We can’t win. Week upon week of snow and now we are to get rain and need […]

Bandits will open their season in Toronto May 4th – home opener against the Hamilton Cadinals May 10th

By Staff February 19, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON We won’t know until next Spring if these four are true heavy hitters but the Burlington Bandits […]

When you’ve figured out how to live on $11 an hour then you can complain about those pushing for a raise.

By Staff February 18, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. If you were around the John Street bus terminal on Tuesday you might have been approached by […]

IKEA decides it likes the west end after all; the North Service Road didn't make sense financially and the property fit was all wrong as well.

By Pepper Parr February 19, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. After a CLOSED SESSION of city council Tuesday evening the city puts out a press release […]

IKEA gives up – can’t make the North Service Road deal work.

By Staff February 19th, 2014 BURLINGTON, ON. IKEA gives up on move to North Service Road – announces it will remain in Aldershot. More to […]