Lawrie contributes a new sculpture to the International collection at the RBG

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June 2, 2018



In 2013 Dan Lawrie, Hamilton businessman and Burlington resident, made a 10-year commitment to donate sculpture to Royal Botanical Gardens which has created The International Sculpture Collection.

It was Dan Lawrie's idea and his willingness to put up $37,000+ of his own money that started the a process tat ended with a piece of public art being unveiled outside the Performing Arts Centre.

Hamilton businessman and Burlington resident Dan Lawrie.

Through Lawrie’s generosity, this permanent collection grows in Hendrie Park each year, with the addition of new works from around the world.

Killeen hare

Peter Killeen’s Boddhisattva Hare.

The most recent donation is the Boddhisattva Hare.

These hares will be installed this summer at for the Royal Botanical Gardens as part of the Dan Lawrie International Sculpture Collection. Cast in Ireland, each tall-eared form has been masterfully cast using the Cire Perdue (lost wax) method of bronze casting.

Artist Peter Killeen began his career working with the highly regarded CAST bronze foundry. Killeen’s experience of working in foundries in Ireland and Australia is evident in the execution of his art. Careful consideration and skill are required to finish each piece.

Peter Killeen

Bronze sculptor Peter Killeen

The work has been described as “immensely appealing and timeless representations of small birds and wild animals have a distinctive and very particular charm, each warmly animated and softly rounded in form with carefully worked, richly coloured patinas.”


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