Twins give it a good shot but Hamilton Thunderbirds takes the Saturday game. Teams are now even at one each.

By Staff BURLINGTON, PM May 28, 2011 – With the weather threatening throughout the day, the Hamilton Thunderbirds made it even – a game apiece […]

A planning tool that forgets people are part of the planning process. Section 37 – a missed opportunity.

By Pepper Parr BURLINTON, ON May 28, 2011 – Burlington is one of a few cities that makes use of Section 37 of the Planning […]

Twins back in town after road trip that could have been better; one win and one shellacking.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 27, 2011 – One could argue that it is still early in the season and that there have been a […]

Burlington gets Targeted – dog with bulls eye may be seen on the streets. Bargains for all

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 27, 2011 – The dog with the red target over his eye will soon be seen at the Burlington Mall […]

Brother reminisces about John Boich, the man chosen as Burlington’s Citizen of the Year.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON ON May 26, 2010 They were born 15 months apart and as boys they were inseparable. They grew into young men […]

Strategic Plan preparation includes cable casting live to the community – turnout low.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 26, 2011 – The Mayor is using every trick in the book to pull the public into the development of […]

City decides not to take up Pier construction proposal from contractor’s insurance company.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON – May 25, 2011 The city has decided not to accept a proposal made by the insurance company that provided the […]

Cover the environmental waterfront and fly a kite while you’re at it. Kite Fest June 5th – make it a family event.

Getting that kite up into the air is the first challenge – then the fun starts keeping it in the air. BURLINGTON, Ont.— May 24, […]

Commitment is there – but is the core the centre of a donut or is it the tasty outer ring you can sink your teeth into.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 24, 2011 – It started with Direction from the Mayor to city staff to provide an update on the […]

Weather moves nomination date for Civic Rose Award back a week. Mayor may be moving away from the Cup.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 22, 2011 – The weather isn’t all bad. The closing dates for the Civic Rose Award nominations has been moved […]

Joseph Brant got a better deal for the Indians than Burlington residents are getting from a local developer.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 18, 2011 Despite significant resistance to the to the Molinaro application to erect a 14 story apartment building on […]

The parks and open spaces are used – but not by seniors. Could Tai Chi early in the morning change that ?.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 18, 2011 – Burlington has parks galore. How well are they used? Do they matter? The question asked was if […]

We see getting snow off the sidewalks quite a bit differently than we do getting snow off the roads.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 18, 2011 – Ward 1 Councillor Rick Craven will tell you that the one thing that will always get […]

Huh! I didn’t know. Wonder why they didn’t want him, seemed like a nice enough guy.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 17, 2011 – Boy, when we screw it up, we really screw it up. I took a day off […]

If you’re happy and you know it – clap your hands. And in Burlington – we appear to be clapping our hands.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 17, 2011 – Do we like where we live? We do. Are we happy with the services provided by […]

Burlington firefighters place well in auto extraction competition.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON, May 16, 2011 – On Saturday, May 14, the backyard of Burlington Fire Department’s headquarters was transformed into the scene of […]

Burlington Liberals acclaim their man – local lawyer Karmel Sakran wants the job as MPP.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON May 17, 2010 – More than 275 people packed the Seniors Centre in Burlington to see Karmel Sakran be acclaimed as […]

They apparently made a payment and it wasn’t Canadian Tire money either. Elite Cycling promoter makes another deadline

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 16, 2011 A usually reliable source advises that the Midweek Cycling Club event promoter made a payment by certified […]

First steps taken towards the creation of a strategic plan for Burlington that will have significant public input.

By Pepper Parr Burlington, ON May 12, 2011 – There was more than a million dollars worth of talent in the room. They were there […]

Gymnastics club attracts 1200 athletes from 32 locations across Ontario for a most successful event.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON May 16, 2011 – More than 1200 young girls took part on the 23rd Annual gymnastic event hosted by the […]