Local developer wants to double the density of a downtown condo, councillor cries foul.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 7, 2011 – The Molinaro Group, developers of the 360 on Pearl, the Baxter and the Spencer to name […]

Rain and winter run off raising water levels in local creeks City monitoring water levels.

By Staff Not a safe plays for kids this time of year. Burlington, ON March 4, 2011– Warm temperatures combined with a forecast 40 mm […]

Are we engaged? Is this the Shape of things to come? We should know in two years – that night when we all dance on the Pier.

Is this what staff means by an “engagement charter”? By Pepper Parr John Boich, one of the co-chairs of the Shape Burlington committee, was […]

IKEA to move from Aldershot to Walkers Line. Councillor Craven considering grief counseling.

By Pepper Parr On the move. Watch for the moving sale. BURLINGTON, ON March 4, 2011 – It is going to be the sale of […]

Your opportunity to ask questions and let council members and city staff know what you think about spending levels. Use it or lose it.

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON, ON March 3, 2011 – Time for all those who want to belly ache about the tax burden to get […]

Burlington developer takes energy conservation seriously – goes thermal with a 16 storey project in ‘upper core’.

The cost of heating and cooling units is being borne by Mother Earth for this “first in the province” use of geo thermal in a condominium project.

Partner Graham Chalmers points out detail on an architect’s model of the project due to begin construction at Appleby Line and Upper Middle Road […]

Kicking up a stink. Should we feed the critters?

City wants you to think about feeding “nuisance” animals.

By Staff City wants you to think about feeding “nuisance” animals. BURLINGTON, ON March 4, 2011 – This came in from the very able Georgi […]

Speed bumps that slow things down or hurdles that can’t be overcome? Public input to be added to the mix.

National level cycling events coming to Burlington – maybe? […]

Dressing up for the first formal, critical look at the playbill.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre will appear before a Council committee next week and detail their budget projections for the next fiscal year and […]

Recognizing the very best in our community. An award that has led many to serving the community in some elected capacity.

Awards night for Civic Recognition. Tickets priced at $30. each. Great deal.

The city will recognize six community leaders in everything from the Arts to civic service at the annual awards night in late May. […]

City recognizes the contribution made by co-chair of the Shape Burlington report.

Boich at a political event – doing what he does so very well.

He is a large man and a large personality and there is never any doubt that he is in the room. […]

Civic Recognition Award nominations due no later than Tuesday, March 1st

Recognizing those who have given to the community and giving something back to them. […]

Remember thalidomide? Pregnant women thought it was great. We think cell phones are great too. Is there a problem or is it a ‘no brainer’?

Is this what our heads look like? Is that a good thing? Can we know that - please.

By Pepper Parr with content from CNET In the late 1950s and early 1960s, more than 10,000 children in 46 countries were born with deformities […]

Protect your identity and be careful how you dispose of sensitive documents.

Identity theft is costing Canadians hundreds of thousands of dollars and creating huge havoc in the financial affairs of individuals who threw a hydro bill out with the garbage. […]

Liberal candidate comes out of the gate, says what he wants to do as MPP – if elected.

Boundaries for voters in Burlington. Provincial Liberals in Burlington gear up for an election they think they can win – after 40+ in the wilderness.

If you want to get elected in Burlington as a Liberal – you need to start very, very early. They expect to nominate late in April. Two candidates so far. […]

Activists were about to get into bed with Region & the City but the province stopped them.

Quaintly rural – with a canon to ward off the road surveyors?

By Pepper Parr BURLINGTON,ON February 21, 2010 – It was one of those meetings where all the heavy weight activists were on hand. People from […]

The leading edge has tuned into a bleeding edge. Presto is expensive.

Don’t leave home without it – and don’t lose it.

By Staff BURLINGTON, ON February 22, 2011 – The province had a great idea to use technology to make it easier for transit riders to […]

We’ve “finally become what was promised”. Really?

A self serving comment. Citizen applauds our effort wants to know where Shape is. […]

Community grants – they are lining up again; staff suggests we stick with the plan to end them.

Brant was always pretty good at getting grants from the British, but this Council probably isn’t going to hear his argument.

City manager wants to nix community grants. No policy and no money either. Community looking for $108 big ones. […]

Creative arts are part of the economic structure. Need to be funded like parks and fire fighters.

Tymstra is passionate about the work she does.

The arts are a tough business but Creative Burlington has re-branded after completing the drive to raise public awareness that brought a performing arts centre to Burlington. Next step is to find the funding they need to move forward. […]