Art Gallery auction described as an unqualified success - amount raised to be revealed later in the week.

theartsBy Guida Feliz

June 8, 2015


If you had a ticket to this Live Auction – you were at the right place; the Art Gallery of Burlington was all a ‘buzz’.

Eiffel Tower AGB June 2015

Paris and the Belle Epoch was the theme for the 2015 Art Gallery of Burlington Live Auction. The Eiffel Tower seemed d appropriate

The guests eagerly arrived at this much anticipated event held by The Art Gallery of Burlington. The reception was advertised to begin at 6:30 p.m. but that did not keep the eager AGB supporters and art lovers from showing up at 6:00 p.m. Upon my arrival I quickly felt the high energy of the evening. The theme was La Belle Epoc or ‘Moulin Rouge’- the party days of Paris in the 1800s. The Burlington Student Performers were dressed in their Paris costumes and entertained the crowd.

I chatted with Robert Steven, President & CEO with The Art Gallery of Burlington. Robert was the first person to greet the art enthusiasts who poured into The Art Gallery of Burlington to take part in the festivities. Robert was proud to let me know; they had reached record ticket sales this year. He also mentioned the Live Auction raises funds for Exhibitions and Programs held at The Art Gallery of Burlington.

I spoke with Cheryl Goldring, Chair of the Live Auction at the Art Gallery of Burlington. She was very attentive to everyone as they approached to congratulate her on the success of the event. Cheryl was very excited that this year the sponsorships doubled and they also added new Sponsors to their roster. Cheryl started a new program called ‘Friends of AGB’. Each member pays $1,000 to join which supports the Art Gallery of Burlington. Cheryl was super excited and thrilled with the outcome and support from the community.

Robert Steven and Dee Gooding - volunteer AGB

AGB volunteer Dee Goodings hands out bidding numbers while CEO Robert Steven watches the count.

This year the Live Auction took on a fresh new look and it was a success! I heard someone say “They sure outdid themselves this year.” That is when I sought out the Event Coordinator, Cheryl Soderlund, who was instrumental in adding a ‘fresh face’ to the 37th Annual Live Auction. This was after all the 1st Annual Live Auction under the new name the Art Gallery of Burlington.

I spoke with Cheryl who was very humble. According to Cheryl, the Live Auction would not have been successful without the commitment of her ‘35 Volunteer Force’. Volunteers consisted of; Greeters, Art Carriers, Live Auction Clerks and Packing Room Attendants – who all wore white gloves; how classy. Her goal was for everyone to enjoy the art, walk about and participate in the ‘Party in Paris’ theme. The event was set up as follows; in one room there was the Silent Auction and in the larger room the Live Auction, and down the hall, the 200 for $200 room.

Live Auction - Anticipating first Bid June 21015

The Live Auction bidding is about to begin – the room has a bit of a buzz to it.

It was evident Cheryl’s vision became a success. As I congratulated Cheryl for a job well done; she suggested I speak with Kim Varian, who was instrumental in pulling together the logistics for the Live Auction event. I spoke briefly with Kim, who together with the Art Committee worked tirelessly to broaden the event.

There is no question the Art Gallery of Burlington ‘pulled out all the stops’ this year. I spoke with Catherine Brady who has been with the Art Gallery since 1998 as part of their Committee. She too was very proud at how the Live Auction event transpired this year.

First decision they made was to move the event from February to June. Second decision was to add the 200 for $200 Art Sale. In this room there were 200 pieces of art for sale for $200 each. The Art pieces were comprised by local artists including; Victoria Pearce, Deborah Pearce and Claudette Losier, to name a few.

By 7:30 pm the smooth shift took place as the crowd transitioned from the small Silent Auction room to the large Live Auction. The crowd began their seating preference. The seriousness came through as everyone held onto their bidding numbers. By 7:45 p.m. there was not an empty chair in the room in anticipation of the Live Auction.

Art Auction - more 200 x 200

Denis Longchamp, Chief Curator with The Art Gallery of Burlington looks over some of the 200 pieces that were on sale for $200 each – a new part of the AGB’s fundraising program this year.

At 8:00 p.m. Robert Steven opened up the Live Auction. He thanked everyone for being a part of the Live Auction and explained to them how the funds raised were being distributed. I had a chance to chat with Denis Longchamp, Chief Curator with the Art Gallery of Burlington. He was very excited and proud of the Live Auction. Denis was quick to point out that the success of the event was made possible by the attendance at this event and the support from the community. He was looking forward to the results of the Live Auction.


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  • Karen Simpson

    I could not attend this event, but certainly plan to be there next year

    well done write up by Guida Feliz who I believe is an aspiring writer!

    keep up the good work all Karen