All terrain vehicles will be able to use the shoulders of public roads starting July 1st.

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June 8, 2105


Mennonite buggy 2

ATV’s will join Mennonite buggy;s on public roads July 1st.

You are going to be able to take your ATV up walker;s Line and into Mt Nemo or along any of those nice windy rural roads come July 1st.

The province is enhancing on-road access for more types of off-road vehicles (ORVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) while increasing safety requirements for riders.

Beginning July 1, 2015, the province is implementing the following changes to ensure that ORV and ATV riders safely reach their destination:

More types of ORVs and ATVs, including two-up ATVs, side-by-side ATVs and utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), will be allowed to use the shoulder of public roads

All riders — including drivers and passengers of all ages — will have to wear a helmet and use a seatbelt or foot rests, where applicable

Drivers operating a permitted ORV along a road or highway must hold at least a G2 or M2 driver’s licence, and their vehicle must be registered and insured.

Previous to July 1, 2015, only single-rider ATV’s could operate along certain provincial and municipal highways.

Mennonite buggy and bike rider

A whole new meaning is being given to “sharing the road” ATV’s will join the traffic flow

This month, the province is promoting the new rules before they come in force July 1, 2015, to ensure municipalities have enough time to make necessary bylaw amendments and to remind riders and drivers about the change.

The province is also allowing an education period to take place between July 1 to Sept. 1, 2015, before violation tickets are issued. However, during this time police officers may still lay a charge through a summons.


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3 comments to All terrain vehicles will be able to use the shoulders of public roads starting July 1st.

  • Monte

    Notice that the photo is one of Waterloo Region’s roads where there already exist wide shoulders, which have been in existence for many years.

    To prematurely allow this on roads with NO, or POOR shoulders is to ask for accidents. What will happen is the existing right of way for cars/trucks will be used thus slowing up and frustrating drivers. Many car drivers complain about the use of bicycles on the roads now. Have the walkers and runners been considered?

    Once again we are putting the cart before the horse and not allowing proper planning before implementation. Other projects in North Burlington have followed this “lack of planning” and have resulted in excess cost, law suits, wasted time & effort with nothing being accomplished.

    Please, let proper planning and then implementation take place before we end up with further disasters.

    I haven’t, however, considered that this article is a misplaced April fools joke ????

  • hans jacobs


  • David Burns

    I trust that these motorized vehicles will NOT be allowed on Mount Nemo, its only fooe people walking and hiking