Mark Gillies writes about families that built the Burlington we have today. Strawberries as a delicacy were made popular here.

By Mark Gillies Originally published January 5, 2015 BURLINGTON, ON Burlington is using the month of August to celebrate local history. Sometime ago the Gazette […]

Burlington Jays fans get delayed on GO train: violent altercation between passengers.

By Max Bowder July 31st, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Blue Jays fans were so excited to finally be able to watch their team play […]

Race for the Liberal Provincial nomination was a messy affair.

By Pepper Parr July 30th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON OPINION Politics can be a cruel mistress. A number of months ago Andrea Grebenc thought she had […]

Public school board chair faces several challenges: waiting for the province to provide direction

By Pepper Parr July 30th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Andrea Grebenc: a very expressive trustee who grew to become the Chair Andrea Grebenc, Chair of […]

Former city Councillor stirs the pot - still barking away at the Mayor

By Pepper Parr July 30th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Rick Craven’s opinion piece was sent to a number of close associates and to other media in […]

City website to get an upgrade - badly needed

By Pepper Parr July 30th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The current city websites were launched in 2015. Since that time there have been significant changes […]

Travel to South Korea is now possible

By David Pringle July 29, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   South Korea is a solid economic country that is fully Independent and has very well managed. […]

Terry Fox: 'Anything is possible if you try'.

By Staff July 29th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington is going to do it again. If you haven’t yet registered for this year’s Terry Fox […]

Rivers offers: A Post Mortem for the Green Party

“I’ve always been fond of dogs, and they are the one animal that knows the proper treatment to give to poles (polls).” (Former PM – […]

Local artists adding some colour to drab looking telephone connection boxes

By Staff July 28th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Bell Canada is paying local artists to decorate the connection boxes that are spread throughout the city. No […]

Regional Public Health Unit begins to wind down clinics

By Staff July 28, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   In a release to media Halton Region reports on the tremendous success they have achieved vaccinating residents […]

Artists use maple leaf design cut out of aluminum on which artists will paint to raise funds hospital: target is $375,000

By Ryan O’Dowd July 28th,2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Throughout August the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation (JBHF) will showcase local artists to raise funds with a […]

Local area MP gets to announce plans for 36 EV chargers

By Staff July 27th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Government of Canada is making it easier for Canadians to drive electric — transforming the way […]

Halton Police Board appoints a Chief Governance Officer

By Pepper Parr July 27th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton Police Services Board wants to ensure that policing is aligned with the community’s evolving […]

A look back at what the planners and a citizen's group thought should be done with the Waterfront Hotel site

By Pepper Parr July 27th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   It is worth going back and reviewing where things were before the current city council was […]

Theft at the retail and LCBO locations increasing

By Staff July 26th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   On July 12, 2021, at 3:30pm, two suspects entered the Sephora store at Mapleview mall. After a […]

City hall has gotten stingier about what it wants the media to know

By Pepper Parr July 26th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Tom Muir was bothered about the run around Spectator columnist Joan Little was getting from the […]

Gazette Comments Section Open Again

By Pepper Parr July 26th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   So far the fix to the comments is holding. It took some binder twine and duct […]

Is a height of 35 stories for the Waterfront Hotel site redevelopment on the table?

By Pepper Parr July 26th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON Revisions have been made to this story since it was first published. There appear to be two […]

The target is to have 90% of us vaccinated. Do your bit

By Staff July 26th, 2021 BURLINGTON, ON   Given that a picture is said to be worth 1000 words – let the picture do the […]