Parent wants city to look into what can be done about better safety along rail lines; four killed so far this year.

The photographs we took show very clearly that other than some signs – which are close to the bare minimum CN does nothing. While our photographer was beside the tracks there was no sound from the GO train heading west for the Burlington GO station.

The signs are there – not all that clear.  The path on the right is also there and it is very clear.

Many take the position that people who cross the rail tracks should know better –they should.  Tell that to Councillor Jack Dennison who admitted that he frequently scoots across the tracks from his health club on Cumberland to locations along Harvester Road.  Not exactly a sterling example of responsible civic behavior there – but then Jack sees rules a little differently than most people.

No doubt this is a path up to the railway line. A close look, near the top of the path, shows a patch of asphalt – how did that get there? A good lawyer would say the city put it there and sue their socks off. Might be reason enough for the city to actually do something about this problem.

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2 comments to Parent wants city to look into what can be done about better safety along rail lines; four killed so far this year.

  • Penny, thank you for this article.
    Denise, first and foremost, my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son.
    I write, simply to thank you for working so hard on such an important issue. An article you wrote “A mother’s passionate plea for action on railway safety” was what brought your fight for improvement to my attention. You mention another young man killed behind the Lick’s on Fairview in your article – that young man was a friend of mine.

    I wholeheartedly applaud and support your efforts, and if there’s any way to help, please, let me know!

  • Denise Davy

    Thanks to Our Burlington for the thorough coverage on this important issue. I agree with them that my MP and MPP should definitely have contacted me by now and yet I am still waiting to hear from them. I am also glad that they included the comment from Jack Dennison who publicly admitted in city council that he breaks the law by trespassing over the tracks regularly. Dennison is not only endorsing dangerous and illegal behaviour, he is setting a bad example for others, especially teens. I hope voters will keep this in mind during the next election.