Performing Arts to play a bigger role in the 2024 Sound of Music program?

By Pepper Parr

February 17th, 2024



It looks as if the Performing Arts Centre is going to be more involved in the 2024 Sound of Music.

Steve Cussons, Sound of Music Board Chair, has been meeting with Tammy Fox, the Executive Director of the Performing Arts Centre and have gotten to the point where they are dropping hints.

Something to keep an eye on.

Don’t recall seeing any news about Cussons being named as the Chair of Sound of Music.  And we weren’t aware that

Myles Rusak was no longer the Executive Director of the organization.  No loss there.

What we didn’t know was that Tammy Fox who is the Executive Director if the Performing Arts is also the Programming Director of the Sound of Music.

Lot of changes – we are beginning to see a different Tammy Fox.  Her handling of the period of time where she didn’t have a Board Chair was something to observe.  That issue appears to have been quietly resolved.

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5 comments to Performing Arts to play a bigger role in the 2024 Sound of Music program?

  • Stephanie Nimley

    Myles Rusak leaving is a huge loss to the festival. As a correction, he was the CEO not Executive Director. Anyone involved in the festival who paid attention knows just how much work Myles put into the festival before, during and after. I’m disappointed there is zero mention of him steering SOM through a pandemic and growing the festival.

    The lack of transparency to the changes is concerning in my opinion.

    • Mary Jenkins

      This should be interesting. Hopefully the focus of the festival remains to be on the MUSIC and does not become a lesson in diversity and inclusiveness. Know thine audience!

      • David

        Whats wrong with spending $50 to have someone yell at you for over an hour and for the finale demand you hand over your house?

        • Mary Jenkins

          David, you actually paid??? They were giving the tickets away for free prior to the “show”. I guess sales weren’t exactly booming. Even those who didn’t pay, were not impressed.

        • Stephanie Nimley

          Sorry. Did this happen at SOM?