Premier bends - just a little

By Pepper Parr

November 7th, 2022



Premier said he will rescind the legislation if CUPE returns to the bargaining table.

Ford exaggerated about what the unions were asking for in the way of increases

And so we wait..



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3 comments to Premier bends – just a little

  • perryb

    the Premier bent a lot. I think he (or his staff) noticed, some-rime overnight, that the Labour Board might not rubber-stamp his request to declare a strike illegal, that CUPE was arranging a press conference featuring labour leaders from across the country, the Prime Minister had denounced his actions, and maybe a retreat was in order. Take notice: the bully can be beaten.

  • Judith Christie

    my daughter works as an ECE. No pay raise since 2011. Eces work as hard as Kindergarten teachers almost (except for report cards, which they also contribute their thoughts on their students). They do not get paid for Christmas holidays, Spring break or July and August!!! Is that fair? I think not!.

  • Joe Gaetan

    In what quantitive way did “Ford” exaggerate what the unions are asking for? Taxpayers should know the extent of the difference as we will be asked to pay for whatever settlement is reached.