Premier explains the health care changes - a lot of unanswered questions

By Staff

January 16, 2023



Premier Doug Ford is expected to unveil reforms clearing the way for Ontario to do more surgeries at clinics outside hospitals to clear a backlog from the pandemic.

The controversial plan — which Ford telegraphed last week — comes amid concerns it will result in doctors, nurses and other medical professionals leaving hospitals that are already short-staffed after three busy years of the pandemic.

Premier with Minister of Health at a media event

Procedures at registered independent health facilities are expected to include hip and knee replacements and cataract surgeries.

Ford and his officials have said the reforms will enable doctors and others to work in clinics in their “spare time,” and pledge “safeguards” to protect staffing levels in hospitals.

Assurances that the private clinics are not “stealing” hospital personnel was reported to be a serious concern.

The Premier and the Minister of Health speaking at a media event  Click here – they are talking about YOUR health

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