Procedural by law up for review - Clerk's Office doing a survey

By Pepper Parr

June 22, 2023



For those who have concerns over the way the current council manages itself – this is your time.

City Clerk Kevin Arjoon

The Office of the City Clerk is conducting a review of the Procedure By-law and is looking for community input through a community survey on the sections of the by-law pertaining to the public.

Your feedback will considered as part of the review and help us improve our meeting experience.

The Procedure Bylaw is a bylaw that rules how Council and Committee meetings are run and details the decision-making process of Council.

The Procedure Bylaw makes sure the City’s Council and Committee meetings have consistent, collaborative decision making.

It does this by establishing transparent and accountable governance and includes information about:

  • membership,
  • scheduling,
  • agendas,
  • voting and
  • public participation.

You may feel the city, Clerk in particular, don’t listen.  You might be right – but you still need to go on record with your concerns.

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