Progressive Conservatives still searching for a candidate to run in the June election

By Pepper Parr

March 14th, 2022



Jane McKennasai: I’m happy to report, that on my recommendation, yesterday the Ontario PC Party named long-time Burlington resident Natalie Pierre as our candidate.  To learn more about Natalie, request a lawn sign, make a donation or volunteer on the campaign please visit

So much for a democratic nomination


Have the Progressive Conservatives in Burlington decided to concede the seat in the Provincial Legislature?

No word yet on who their candidate is going to be.

Jane McKenna gave is giving up the provincial seat to run as Chair for the Region of Halton.

Jane McKenna has announced that she will be running for the Chair of Halton Regional Council in October.

With something close to 75 days of campaigning left before ballots are cast June 2nd, one has to wonder what’s going on with the Burlington Progressive Conservative Association.

To date 18 of the people who went to the Legislature with Doug Ford 18 have decided they don’t want to return.

Mariam Manaa met Andrew Drummond on his door step while she was out campaigning.

To date the candidates are Mariam Manaa the Liberal Party and Andrew Drummond running for the New Democratic Party.


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