Provincial Liberals - 1500 of them gather in Hamilton to begin the process of preparing for the next election

By Pepper Parr

March 4th, 2023



John Fraser, the Interim Leader, Ontario Liberal Party

John Fraser, the Interim Leader, Ontario Liberal Party was giving an address to the more than 1500 Liberals who gathered in Hamilton for their AGM.

These are pretty proforma events, everyone gets recognized and thanked.

But his time around Fraser was able to do something different.

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Turns out that Hamilton Centre, the seat that Andrea Horwath held before she ran for and won the job of being Mayor of Hamilton has a candidiate running in the byelection.  Deirdre Pike is the candidate running for the Hamilton Centre seat.

Liberals pack the Convention Centre in Hamilton for their AGM

Fraser invited every one of those 1500 people to get out and do some door knocking.

I’ve done my share of door knocking, usually with the candidate and sometimes a couple of people working the other side of the street as we worked our way through a neighbourhood.

But can you imagine if those 1500  Liberals in Hamilton for a convention descended in groups of 50 on a street – all wearing red T shirts.

The Hamilton Centre riding included the Convention Centre; image the TV footage that would come out of an event like that. Might even make the evening news.

The Liberals will decide on how they will elect their new leader and clean up parts of their Constitution.

A healthy crowd in Hamilton for a Convention: All Liberals getting ready for a critical election in 2026

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