Public Art comes from public money - is it worth what is being spent ?

By Pepper Parr

April 14th, 2023


We published a piece on the 19 different public art assignments that were given and wondered – how much does the city spend on public art – and where does the money come from.

The Orange Crosswalk was both public art and a public statement – that the Indigenous community was real, that it mattered and had to be included.

Bimose Agaming, the project that included the Spencer Smith vinyl wraps and the Orange Crosswalk.  This  came in at $65,000 – the funding came from a federal government grant

Conversations and Stories – $150,000 – funding provided by Dan Lawrie, FedDev and CoB (City portion approx. $40,000)   This project was carried over from previous years due to COVID so wasn’t drawn from 2022 budget allocation.

Celebrating Diversity through Public Art $35,000

Local Artist Programs (vinyl wraps & Culture Days):  $25,000

2023 Planned Projects

Approximately $55,000 towards various local artist programs

The Skyway Arena is under construction. The public art will be installed once the bulk of the construction work is complete and ready for a photo op.

Pine Cove Bridge $10,000 (design only – fabrication part of bridge construction)

Mountainside Pool Mural: $44,000

Skyway Community Centre $150,000;  this project spans 2023-2024 with bulk of spending in 2024




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