Public opinion - it is seldom static

By Pepper Parr

August 29th, 2023



We were doing some research on where the picture that was used in the “Can’t Afford Meed Ward” Facebook page – that we can’t seem to find and I ran across the article I did on the Meed Ward announcement that she was going to run for Mayor. 


The picture that was used in the article was a picture I took at the event.  It’s out there – anybody can find and use it. Link to that story is HERE

What was on Med Ward web sites and Facebook pages has been removed.  The suspicion over there is that another candidate running for Mayor in the 2018 election was responsible for the posting.

It was a very short story – at the bottom there were 16 comments.  They are set out below.  How many of those people would say the same thing today ?

16 comments to Meed Ward announces she will run for Mayor in October.

  • Ian

    After so many years of arrogance and non-representation at City Hall I can now see a way out of this Dark Hole to a future where transparency and electoral representation will rule the day and where there will be OPEN and HONEST discussions rather than the ‘lip service’ that exists today.

    Marianne Meed Ward has a long history of fighting for the rights and concerns of ALL the citizens of Burlington and as Mayor she will be in a position to ensure that Council is more focused and held to a higher level of accountability

    Join the MOVEMENT!

  • gordon

    Kerri: The reality here regards the issue of misrepresentation rather than misinformation as you suggest. Hard to walk this one back for the thousands of voters impacted here as well as those across the city who were stunned to see this unfold.

  • Fran – Tyandaga-Ward1

    Congratulations Marianne! Well Done!

  • gordon

    We will let the Pearson and Bateman communities weigh in on this!

    • Kerri

      gordon: There is no reason what so ever for the Pearson and Bateman communities to hold the decision made by the Director or Education and upheld by the board of trustees against Marianne. The final outcome of those difficult decisions was not her doing. If the folks in those communities choose to believe the slander and misinformation that is thrown about by the representatives of those school communities, well that is very unfortunate. Instead of slander and name calling on social media, perhaps people who have sincere questions reach out to Marianne for a discussion in a respectful manner.

  • bonnie

    Bob, I am a resident of ward 5 and Marianne has already been in touch about canvassing in this ward. Do you really believe that MMW saved Central H.S. and if so, you have not met the strong parents of the Save Central Campaign. I have had the pleasure of sitting on a committee with MMW and believe me, she will fight for all the residents of our city.

  • Bob

    The good people of Burlington deserve a mayor who will represent all of the city not just the downtown interest. I don’t think you’ll find her canvassing the neighborhoods around Pearson and Batemen after that shameful display to save the decrepit building on Baldwin. I would also urge all Burlington residents particularly the lifelong Burlington residents to visit the downtown to see for yourself the councillors riding and ask yourself if this is the Burlington you want

    • Phillip

      Marianne is not to blame for the disaster that the downtown is becoming; she has fought to protect the historic character of the downtown while encouraging development that is consistent with maintaining that development. She has consistently been voted down by 5 other councillors (while the mayor also voted against some of these developments, my gut tells me he did so after carefully looking around and making sure the development was going to be approved by those 5 councillors).

    • Sharon

      Robertt Bateman High School families don’t just live in Ward 5. We are everywhere!! Including Ward 2. I am sure she will find doors closing in her face or not opening at all. Bateman has not forgotten what MMW and Leah Rehnolds did on June 7, 2017.

  • Judy

    I’m very happy to hear that Marianne is running; however, I have only one regret about her decision. If the worst happens and she doesn’t get elected as Mayor, then we’ve lost her from Council and Ward 2.

  • PamC

    I do hope that not all the proposed development will be stopped.

  • Phillip

    Great news!!! I believe Marianne will provide the courageous, principled leadership that TRULY engages all constituencies in this City.

  • Frank Smith

    We now have a more engaged candidate for mayor.

  • Helene Skinner

    Thank God!!!!

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3 comments to Public opinion – it is seldom static

  • Sharon

    My opinion hasn’t changed. Didn’t vote her the first time nor the second time. If she runs again won’t vote for the the third time….

  • Grahame

    Nothing to do with this subject but I can’t find a way to email the Gazette.
    In the current edition of The Economist (Aug 19/25th)there is an excellent article on why UK green belts are holding Britain’economy back.

  • Caren

    How quickly things have changed since 2018!!